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Awakening the Genie Within

A journey of Discovery

Bettye Johnson

Living Free Press, P.O. Box 97, Rainier, WA 98576 USA

2008, ISBN: 978-0-9650454-4-5, pp. 163, US $ 17.95

Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal

Bettye Johnson, a mother of three sons, has had a very versatile life; her latest occupation has been that of a student at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment for the past 20 years. Her first book, the award winning Secrets of Magdalene Scrolls, and all the other work of hers can be found at her website at

Join her blogs at

Awakening the Genie Within is a wonderful spiritual book that urges women to find their own way in life despite the taboos and adversities they encounter. The book is divided into 23 chapters each one dealing with a different issue about spiritual enlightenment.

Driven from her own life experiences the author illustrates vividly the changes a woman can be subject to in her life and how she can reach fulfillment and satisfaction. Searching the meaning of life is certainly a difficult mission but the author seems to have found a way to live her life powerfully and effectively. This is a great read for all women who seek to enhance their life and find true meaning. Throughout the book the author refers to a number of book titles that have been helpful to her and may be valuable for the readers too. Get this book from

Universe God s Jewel
Nick Kostovic
Outskirts Press,
2008, ISBN: 978-1-4327-1790-2
Paperback, pp.284, US $ 25.95

Non fiction/Astronomy/Universe/Energy healing

Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Nick Kostovic operates the Bio Technological Health Center in Beverly Hills, California. He has worked for decades on research into natural laws and phenomena and has invented the Kostovic/Tesla Electric Engine and Kostovic/Tesla Vacuum Electric Laser Sheaves. Learn more about him at

This book is a scientific account of the author s research in the field of astronomy. It deals with human origin issues, energy and health. The author explains in detail how his inventions work and how he applies them to heal people. He claims that he is capable of rescuing people from different types of cancer. His method is currently on review in National Institute of Health.

This book caters to an educated audience as the style is complex and academic. The author illustrates his theories in great detail and offers readers ample examples of the therapeutic effects his inventions have on human beings. It is interesting to learn about his theories and the laws of universe. It is certainly an educational book that can be read not only by those who are keen on health issues but also by any reader interested in universe issues. Get it from and

The Skye in June
Booksurge Publishing,
2008, ISBN: 978-1419689666
pp.370, paperback, US $15.99

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

J. Ahern, a successful Life Coach, Intuitive Arts Mentor and author, has also founded and directed the Bernal Heights Metaphysical Center in San Francisco. Learn more about her at and

This story is set both in Scotland and San Francisco and is about the adventures of a Scottish family who move to USA to change their life. The story unfolds in Glasgow, the authors birthplace, where the MacDonald family live. The author is very skillful at her descriptions of the setting and the Scottish culture, thus making this novel vivid and real. The family faces misery and tragedy and as a result they decide to move to USA to have a try. How successful will they be in their quest for happiness? Can the secrets of the past let them enjoy life?

From the start of the story the main character, June, seems to attract everyone s attention as she is a special child with a unique charisma; she is a fey as her mother, Cathy, says. Readers can learn a lot about Scottish language and culture and this novel is certainly a work of art on these issues. The author addresses several issues of importance such as religion, with an emphasis on Catholicism, paganism and witchcraft. They all have their own explanation and meaning in this story. It is also interesting to see how the author treats the issue of child abuse throughout the plot. June and her sisters are physically and verbally abused both at home and at school and this is relevant to our times as well.

This novel is a wonderful story of a woman s journey in life and shows the impact she has on her daughters, especially on the youngest one. The colloquialism throughout the story adds to the plot and the ample cultural aspects enrich the story. There is an optimistic ending where problems are resolved and family members learn to be open- minded and adapt to new life conditions, accept reality and keep love for one another. The content is spiritual, the characters are real life facing real problems and the whole story revolves around family bonds and relationships and the way they have evolved. It is an exciting read that grips the readers attention from the start to the very last pages. It caters to everyone loving family stories and mystery and learning about the Scottish culture and the spiritual world. It is worth reading it and a great gift for all book lovers. Get it from
The Power2be You!
Ways Women Lose Their Power & How To Get It back!
Sharon Capehart
Aadvark Global Publishing Company, 2008, ISBN: 978-1427628329,
paperback, pp. 173, US $24.95

Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Sharon Capehart empowers women via her books and site at Visit her to learn more about her and her work.

This book is a helpful guidebook aiming at women who need empowering. It can be used as a workbook to monitor the readers progress and it is easy to read and include in our daily life. The author illustrates her points by referring to four womens life stories. It will appeal to a wide female audience as it is helpful, inspirational and educational, as well as enjoyable to read. It is the perfect gift for every woman.

The author shows how society has formed the female taboo issue and how women can now get away from it and reclaim their lives. She indicates ways women can change their image and do what they wish to do rather than what others want for them. It also shows how a woman can stand on her own feet with or without a partner. The whole process is based on psychology factors; therefore the first step for women is to understand who they really are and what they want from their life. Sharon then helps women in setting goals and realizing them. It is worth reading this wonderful book whether or not you actually need it. It is interesting to see the methods Sharon uses in inspiring and motivating women to stop taking their life for granted but gaining the strength to change it for good. Get it from and

The Truth:
What You Must Know Before December 21, 2012
Oaklea Press, 6912-B Three Chopt Road, Richmond, Virginia, 23226
2008, ISBN: 978-1-892538-21-5, paperback, pp.256, US $ 14.95
Non fiction/self-help/inspirational

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal
Reviewer at

Stephen Hawley Martin is the author of nine books, three-time winner of the Writers Digest Book Award, Winner of First prize for Fiction from Independent Press, and Winner of the National Best Book Award from USA Book News. Learn more about him at his sites at and

The Truth is an innovative book about how the mind works and how people should be prepared for the ultimate change that is going to happen on the planet in 2012. The author handles aspects that make the reader get absorbed in the story, such as the issue of belief which is highly interesting. Belief is powerful the author says on page 27. It is the key to manifesting your desires. He also refers to the effects of prayer, an issue that will attract the attention of all people, even those who do not pray. His philosophical statements such as: We indeed create our own reality (p.28) are amply scattered throughout this book. The author talks about the subconscious mind and gives the readers valuable information and examples, thus making this part highly interesting to read. He urges people to change their beliefs and your circumstances will change (p.32). There are numerous examples and points he highlights in this fine work that will make this book of his worth reading. There is Bibliography at the end of the book and an index for easy reference.

The book is written in a simple and clear style that everyone can understand. It caters to those who seek personal and spiritual growth and also those who wish to educate themselves on such issues. It is a good read that will educate the inquisitive mind and help readers shift to higher consciousness before 2012. It is a highly interesting book that will make readers think about important issues in life. Get it from
Extreme Makeover
Henry Melton
Wire Rim Books,
Hutto, Texas, 2008, ISBN 978-0-9802253-2-7
Paperback, pp.331, US $14.95
Science Fiction/children

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Henry Melton as always captivates the readers imagination and interest in his latest book of science fiction. Henrys previous books are all no less exciting, but this one supersedes them all as regards the concept of the story and the action that follows. Learn more about the author s work at

Extreme Makeover is about nanobots, a new tech concept, that enter the skin of the main character, Deena, by accident and keep transforming her. Luther, a young boy who seems to be fond of her, tries to help her. Or is she wrong? Is Luther sincere? What is going to happen to Deena and Luther?

The plot is quite tight and believable, and so are the characters. They are real kids with their own family problems who try to solve the riddle of Deenas sudden change. It is a very exciting story from the very first page to the last one. The language is as always simple and appropriate for kids over 12, and the educational elements inside the story are just great. This is one of the best work of Henry s and caters to all the family. It would look good as a movie too. It has got ample suspense and action, emotional ups and downs relating to teenage kids feelings, and there is a subtle romance as well. What else should a reader ask for? The most crashing element though in this story is the concept of the nanobots; I truly liked this idea! It is a great book and you can get it from and all online stores.
Little Bit and Big Byte
A Day at the Beach
Craig T. Feigh
Lifevest Publishing,
ISBN: 1-59879-616-X, 2008
Hardback, pp. 30, US $ 19.99

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Craig T. Feigh (BA in Business) the author of this book, has published in several genres. Learn more about him at Patrick Carlson, the illustrator, can be visited at and

This kids book is about the innovative story of Little Bit and his family. Written in the first person, it reads like a diary of Little Bit who spends a day at the beach full of adventures.

The concept of the story is interesting since it addresses the Computer age, and will hook young readers. The book is not only fun to read but it is also educational. It looks like a comic book thus it is quite appealing to the kids and everyone else who loves cartoons. The illustrations are just great!

Get this book from or

Fiscal Pear and Shimmer in the Call of River Whale
Olivia Brooks-Scrivanich
2008, ISBN: 9781419695896
Paperback, pp. 92, US $14.99

Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Olivia Brooks-Scrivanich is a new writer living with her husband in Washington. Learn more about her at

This childrens book is a wonderful story about an unusual pear and his friend who is a lightning bug. They have numerous adventures and risk their lives till the end of the story where the author allows readers to feel positive and satisfied. In this story the readers will meet the good characters and the bad ones, as in everyday life, and follow closely the pears adventures and his emotional ups and downs throughout the plot. The pear lives in a magic realm where a villain tries to catch him on behalf of the owner of a fruit factory. What is going to happen to him and his friend?

The story is entertaining for both children and adults and there is ample humor scattered in the dialogue, as well as elements of compassion and feelings of friendship. It is a fantasy tale that shows clearly the vivid imagination of the author and her writing skills that include detailed description, live characters and a good sense of humor. Get the book from

The Tuscan Trilogy
A Rose By Any Other Name
Derek Adie Flower
2008, ISBN: 978-1-4357-0797-9
Paperback, pp.313, US $ 20.8
Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Derek Adie Flower lived in Tuscany which inspired him to write this book. Learn more about his work at

This book is an excellent piece of work. Set both in USA and Italy, is about the life story of Rosalina, the main character, who has a turbulent life. The plot unfolds in Tuscany in 1944 in the premises of Contessa San Germano. Rosalina is an Italian young girl who works for the Contessa. Robert, Contessas nephew, falls in love with Rosalina, but war separates them. What is going to happen to them? Rosalina is going to have Roberts son, but will she ever meet him again? Rosalinas story unfolds slowly revealing her triumphs and tragedies, her rise from poverty and despair to riches, her love life and her children.

Written in a sensitive way this story depicts the authors emotions and love for women. It is historically set in the years of the Second World War and the language is rich with vivid descriptions and Italian flavor (local colloquialism).

It is certainly a wonderful story that combines all the ingredients of a best seller: love and hate, the villain of the story, an old secret, adventure, mystery, romance-all the elements we can find in every day life. The characters are real life persons, and the dialogues are vivid. It reads well and easily thus it is highly entertaining as well as interesting as regards the historical events mentioned in the plot. It is gripping and can be read in one sitting.

The author refers to issues such as religion, Mafia activities, English aristocracy and poverty. The era he describes is adequately depicted. The end of the story leaves the reader satisfied, yet yearning to read the next book of the trilogy to learn what happens to some of the key characters mentioned in the book. Is the villain of the story going to win? What is going to happen to Rosalinas descendants? We have to wait till the next book comes out!

Get this book from

The Rabbit and the Snowman
Sally O.Lee
ISBN: 9781419656255, 2008, paperback, pp.36, US $ 14.99

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Sally O.Lee lives and works in Massachusetts. She has earned her BA in Studio Art and Art History (with distinction) from Colby College and then went on to study graphic design and painting in Boston (Art Institute of Boston) and in New York City (New York Studio School). Visit Sally at

The Rabbit and the Snowman is a wonderful story about friendship. A snowman befriends a rabbit and when summer comes they miss one another. Sally knows how to keep the interest of the young readers intact with this sensitive little story that evokes a variety of emotions throughout the unfolding of the plot. It will make people think about the joy of friendship and the importance of friends in our life.

The story is supported by the beautiful illustrations by Sally in water color and pen and ink. The author is a very good artist and this story, like her previous one (The cake thief), is an excellent piece of artistic creation. Get this book from or

I Quit: Cigarettes, Candy Bars and Booze

Linda Joy Allan

Dovelin Publishing, 3905 State Street, Suite 7-184, Santa Barbara, CA 93105-5107

2008, ISBN: 978-0-9779149-0-6

Paperback, pp. 248, US $ 13.95

Non fiction/Inspirational

Reviewed by Liana Metal

Linda Joy Allan works as an administrative assistant and lives in Santa Barbara with her cats. This is her first book.

This book is the true life story of the author who managed to overcome three addictions. It is a remarkable story that will inspire readers and help them to put an end to their own addictions.

Lindas story starts in her childhood years, when her life was still carefree and happy. Then something triggered her first addiction. Her parents separation was too much for her and Linda started binging and getting fat. Later on, she started stealing and then drinking and smoking. But Linda showed great determination and eventually got rid of all of her addictions and fears.

The story is written in the first person in a simple and sensitive way, revealing the authors thoughts and reservations at the different stages of her life. Linda is the living example that everyone can overcome their own addiction and earn peace and happiness. Sharing her story with her audience she hopes that her own experiences will motivate people to find the courage to stop their unhappiness caused by any addiction. This is a quite helpful book that should be read by everyone. Get it from .

The book will be available
in bookstores September 16

U Turn

Changing Direction in Midlife

Dr. Nancy Irwin


2008, ISBN: 9781419695018, pp.282,

US $ 18.99

Non fiction/spiritual/self-help

Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal

Nancy Irwin, a former opera singer and stand-up comedian, pursued a doctorate in psychology and specialized in the prevention and healing of child sexual abuse. This is her first book. Learn more about her at


This book is a self-help guide that includes real life stories and self-help tips. Written in the first person and in a simple style, it addresses a variety of social and spiritual issues the readers will love to know about. It is an amazing book filled with stories of success of real people who got the courage to change their life in their mid years. It is certainly an inspiring book that will motivate every reader to try a major life change.

Readers can easily identify with one or more of the stories and feel that a middle age crisis is a great time to have a second chance in life-which is so short but so full of surprises! Chapter 42, Click, is worth mentioning as well as its bottom line: Life is precious, and far too short. It is worth to live the life you were meant to live.

I recommend this interesting book to everyone who feels that needs a life change. Get it from

A Hard Days Death
Raymond Benson
Leisure Books, Dorchester Publishing Co., Inc., 200 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016,
2008, ISBN: 978-0-8439-6063-1,
Paperback, pp. 311, US $7.99, CAN $ 9.99

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Raymond Benson, the author of 16 novels, including six James Bond 007 novels and three James Bond novelizations, is an award winning author of Sweeties Diamonds, a thriller published in 2007.

This thriller is about the murder of an aging rock star, Peter Flame. Though at first it looked like suicide, Spike Berenger, the detective and main character in this story, tries to find out who killed him and why.

It is a fast paced novel full of rock tunes that will amuse and keep the interest intact of all rock lovers. The innovative part is that the chapters of the story are song titles. The author addresses religion and cult issues that are very interesting to read. The plot is well crafted and tight enough to grab the readers interest, and the characters realistic and well described. The dialogue sounds truthful and the language style clear and simple. It is a good read that will entertain, and educate readers as regards the rock stars era, at the same time. It caters to mystery and crime lovers. Get this book from
The Tiniest Tiger
Joanne L.McGonagle
ISBN: 13978-1419684678, 2007,
Paperback, pp. 47, US $15

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Joanne L.McGonagle loves contributing to the conservation efforts for endangered wild cats in Africa, Asia, North America and South America through the Conservation Fund of the Colombus Zoo and Aquarium. Learn more at

This lovely book is a wonderful story of a kitten with a striped tail that tries to find a home among the wild cats in the zoo. After a long quest in the zoo she finally finds a home too with the help of the zookeepers daughter. The readers will love this brilliant story that will both entertain them and educate them about the wild cats on the planet. The illustrations are marvelous and the author has certainly provided her young audience with a useful educational reader that no one should miss!

Get this book from

Shining Moments
Finding hope in facing death
Georgia Lang Weithe
Reflections Press, PO Box 57, Lone rock WI 53556,
2008, ISBN: 978-0-9790343-1-2, paperback, pp. 192,
US $ 15.95
Non fiction/spiritual/self help
Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Georgia Lang Weithe, the founder of the Reflections Educational Consulting Firm, has spent her life as a teacher, educational consultant and alternative healer. Visit her at

This book is about the author’s experience of death. Losing her father made her explore the subject of death and find ways to cope with the fear of it. It is a mini guide book that aims to make people aware of the transition to the Source, to the unknown that many times provokes fear. According to the author, death is a spiritual experience that leads to expansion and growth. Georgia urges readers to live their present life to the full accepting the fact that we all die some day, and that death is nothing more than a change, a transition into the invisible world.

This book is simple to read and enjoy, while the tips and advice mentioned can be very helpful for everybody. It is a positive story of the author’s experience, and through her own thoughts and actions readers can become aware of the importance of the subject most of them do not want to think about: death. She illustrates her point in a clear way so that everyone can understand it and gives hope that there is a second world out there, the invisible world. This mini guide offers a positive view of death and can free people of their inner fear about it. Get this book from Baker and Taylor.
The Magic In You!

Sally H.Taylor

Outskirtspress.Inc, Denver, Colorado,

2007, ISBN: 978-1-4327-0324-0, paperback, pp.40, US $ 18.96

The Most Valuable Treasure

Sally H.Taylor

Outskirtspress.Inc, Denver, Colorado,

2008, ISBN: 978-1-4327-1821-3, paperback, pp.36, US $ 23.95


Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Sally H. Taylors fist book, The Magic In You, was nominated for the 2007 EVVY Awards. Sally is a very talented author who illustrates her own books and other authors too. Read her first interview (after the publication of her first book) at

Sallys first book, The Magic In You, is a tender story about a flower that is wounded and unhappy. At the end f the story the little flower has been transformed into a happy flower that enjoys life and is full of love for the others. The process he has been through in this story taught him to learn to forgive and love everyone even those who have harmed him. It is a beautiful uplifting story that can help anyone who has got low self esteem and feels that their life has ended. The illustrations are marvelous! Sally is a very talented artist and author.

Sallys second book, The Most Valuable Treasure, is a story about a small community where an old lady lives hidden from the others. That lady thinks she cannot be loved, so the fear of being rejected makes her feel depressed and lonely. But one day, something happens and the old ladys life gets transformed for good. She learns that she can help others and feel happy, she shares her riches with the people of the community, and eventually her fear of the others gets dispersed. At the end of the story everyone is happy. The wonderful illustrations are also a big asset for this story too.

Both books cater to all the family, both kids and adults. They are definitely a beautiful and meaningful gift for everyone as the message they bring out is positive and helpful. Get both books from or

The Ashes of Innocence
Alexandra Tesluk
Volumes Direct,
2008, ISBN: 9780980894202
Paperback, pp. 349, US $21.95
Non fiction/Memoir

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Alexandra Tesluk, a mother and successful business woman, has finally overcome her childhood abuse years and the loss of her father. This book is a tribute to his memory.

The book is a fine memoirs story that will move and touch the readers’ heart. Alexandra could not find love in her childhood years though she craved hard for it. She was deprived of her childhood since her stepfather and mother made her work non- stop and was not allowed to play and have little treats the other kids used to have. She had to suffer for years before she finally found the courage to have a life of her own. Her only sister was violent and her mother seemed indifferent to her needs. It is a sad story, yet Alexandra gives readers a beam of hope that all problems can be resolved and everyone can find love and happiness in this life.

The story is written in a clear style that it is easy to read, and the characters are well drawn and described. It is a moving story that caters to women and men alike, and all those who have lost hope sometime in their lives. The author gives the public a story that can help them in their daily journey in life. Cruelty to kids and abuse is still nowadays a big issue and Alexandra’s book shows that this important issue has to be resolved and children should be allowed to live their childhood happily and find love and affection. Get this book from

Roswell or Bust!
Henry Melton
Wire Rim Books, Hutto, Texas,
2008, ISBN: 978-0-9802253-0-3, paperback, pp.332, US $ 12.95
Science fiction/young adults

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Henry Melton writes books for teenagers. Visit him at and at
Find his whereabouts right now at

This story is about two teenage kids, Joe and mute Judith, who plunge into a fast paced adventure to save eleven aliens! It reads like a road movie, since the kids are mainly on the road, moving to different places and encountering risky situations.

The plot is tight enough to keep the interest intact till the characters solve their problem. A strange talkie, a mysterious courier and a couple of spies are all involved in this exciting story that will entertain kids of that age. The story is highly original, witty and educational as well. This is the second book I have actually read by this author and I would gladly read any other by Henry Melton. It caters to all the family.

Get his books from
The Lifestyle Fitness Program
A six part plan so every mom can look, feel and live her best
Debi Solber
The Mojo coach
Morgan James Publishing, LLC, 1225 Franklin Ave.Suite 325
Garden City, NY 11530-1693
2008, ISBN: 978-1-60037-426-5, paperback, pp. 218, US $17.95
Non fiction/Health and Fitness/Healthy living

Reviewed by Liana Metal

Debi Silber, a Dietician, PT, Whole Health Coach, writer, speaker and lifestyle Expert, lives with her family in New York. Visit her at

This book is an excellent guide book that is all about health and wellness every mom deserves. It is divided into several sections, each one addressing a different issue of the health and fitness program the author offers to women. The nutritional fitness program is exceptionally interesting as it includes issues every mom should know about, such as the popular diet topic, the food guide pyramid, portions and plate sizes and so on. Debi also mentions the issue of emotional eating and offers solutions that are easy to accomplish. Another important topic is the stress factor. This section is a must for all moms who care for their family and tend to neglect themselves. The physical fitness program comes next with useful tips and advice, and then the emotional, relationship and spiritual programs, all very interesting to read and practice.

The book is written in a simple and clear style, and readers can easily follow the advice offered by the author in each section. There are weekly goals to accomplish in every single chapter, thus making it easier to stick to the plan and have results. It caters to every mom who thinks her lifestyle is a mess and needs some change. Even if the reader does not change much in their lifestyle this guide book will benefit them as it offers a positive outlook in a womans lifestyle. It is encouraging and worth reading. Get this book from

O Shaughnessey
A Boy and His Leprechaun
Jeremy McGuire
Outskirts press,
2007, ISBN: 978-1-4327-0892-4, paperback, pp.140, USA $ 14.95
Fiction/childrens literature

Reviewed by Liana Metal

Jeremy McGuire is a playwright and this book is his first work of narrative fiction. He has also created all the drawings in this book as his second passion is art. He lives in Chicago with his wife and pets. Learn more about him at

This kids’ book is a magnificent story about a boy, Bobby, who, one day finds a leprechaun on his bedpost. The adventure that follows involves magic and the story is weaved between both the real and the unreal realms showing how a little boy can get influenced by his own experiences of his parents’ divorce and other family problems.

The story has got a strong plot full of twists and magic every child loves, and the main character of the story, Bobby, is a truthful one that kids can easily identify with. The writing style is simple and clear for kids to read and, as the author says, this book is intended to be read aloud. The drawings inside this book are wonderful! Jeremy uses pen and ink to create illustrations that remind those found in old classics. He is an excellent artist by all means! Kids always enjoy books that contain drawings as they make the story livelier and feed the imagination of the reader. As a child I remember I always used to pick illustrated books. The author knows well how to attract the readers attention and tell a beautiful story that will keep a kid interested and happy to the very end. Get this book from
What if I Tell?
Gina McCabe
Winding Road Books,
2008, ISBN: 978-0-9815139-0-4, pp.272, paperback,
US $ 14.95
Non fiction/Memoir
Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Gina McCabe can be visited at her site at

This book is a shocking memoir that reveals all the fear, shame and silence the author has gone through for 30 years. A successful business woman, Gina managed to explore her early years of abuse and consequently find therapy and peace.

What if I Tell? is a very important book that will educate, shock and puzzle readers that wonder how it feels to be abused as a child, and the consequences the individual has to face later in their life. It is also a study of the human psychology, as regards the victim mainly, that can shed light to the inner feelings of the abused person and their reactions. The author had turned into a workaholic person full of stress and crippling self-hatred.

It is interesting to read and think about these social issues that seem to be quite common nowadays. Gina, via this book of hers, tries to encourage professionals and people from all walks of life to stop the stigma associated with talking about child sexual abuse so that the problem can be addressed.

This book caters to everyone interested in child abuse. Get it from or/and
How your doctor’s dietary ignorance will kill you!!!!
James Edward Carlson
2007, ISBN: 978-1-4196-8582-8, paperback, pp. 303, US $ 24.95
Non Fiction/Medical
Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

James Edward Carlson, holder of degrees in biochemistry and cellular physiology from Cornell University, medical degrees from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in Old Westbury and a juris doctorate, lives in New York where he is in a private medical practice. To contact him, visit the site: and use the zip code: 11776.

This book seems to be a breakthrough in medicine. It explains in detail how sugars destroy our health and how we can eliminate the danger of many illnesses, such as cancer, stomach problems or asthma. It is certainly very enlightening even for those who have nothing to do with the medical profession. Thus, a reader who has got a health problem can read it and understand it, as it is easy enough to be read by everybody.

The doctor illustrates his point in a simple way that is also convincing enough to make the readers start thinking about their own health problems and their solution. In fact, as a reader, I would love to try the low carb diet the doctor mentions, but as he states, the patient should consult their own doctor before starting this diet. There is a website that assists patients who live in USA, and where a person can leave a message for a doctor. I have tried to contact Dr. Carlson through this site but there is a specific process to be followed before anyone can get a reply from him, and a fee to be paid. I wish I could try his innovative ideas on low carbs so as to be able to base this review on facts rather than theories, however tempting they might be!

Overall, this book is informative and educational and should be read by all doctors who would like to try something new that may have a good effect on certain health cases. Get this book from

Blood Redemption
Thomas Bouregy & Co., Inc., 160 Madison Avenue, New York, 10016,
2008, ISBN: 978-0-8034-9890-7
Hardback, pp. 230, US $ 26.95

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal at

Ann Holt’s westerns have always been exciting and gripping, and this one, which is her fifth novel, is no exception. Ann Holt, with studies in American history and museum work, has been writing westerns for many years. Read more about her at

Blood Redemption is set in Arizona, where two relatives, Red and Wes confront one another. Red, the hero of the story, is a handsome cowboy that goes through a lot of adventures till he finally finds justice. Wes, his cousin, is the villain of the story who tries to undermine Red and his family. As in all westerns, the good one wins leaving the audience with a sense of satisfaction.

The author uses her talent skillfully in depicting true characters that illustrate the right time and place aspects of the western that unfolds page by page. The first chapter is so absorbing that the rest of the story can be read in one sitting. The reader will wonder what happens next to their hero, and the plot is absolutely interesting till the very end. The colloquial language of the dialogue shows quite well the specific features of the characters such as their background. There is subtle romance involved and social issues referring to that time that make this reading more interesting. It is educational as regards the traditional elements involved in the story, and highly enjoyable. It caters to all the family, those who love adventure, fast paced novels and cowboys. It reminds me of good old western movies! Get this book from and

Breaking a Sunbeam
Geoff Hunter
Trafford Publishing, Suite 6E-2333 Government Street Victoria BC V8T 4P4
Canada,, 2007,
ISBN: 1-4251-0745-1, paperback, pp. 388, US $ 26.78

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Geoff Hunter, father of two grown up children, has a degree in Electrical Engineering; he loves mountaineering and the outdoor life and he is now writing full time. Geoff has also authored The Silver Sun, and Visions of Conquest, also available through Trafford Publishing.
This story is about Jake and Kay, a happily married couple, who get involved in a break in that eventually results in a bloody slaughter. The killers are three cruel persons, a woman and two men, who enjoy harming people. The author examines carefully the character of those killers and gives the reader ample background information so as to understand, and maybe justify –in a way- their cruelty. Kay gets kidnapped by them and Jake has to cooperate with the killers in order to save her.
The plot is tight and well crafted and the whole story is a fast paced thriller that will absorb the reader from the very first pages of the book. Vivid descriptions and dialogue add to the overall effect of the story, and as the story unfolds the reader may even feel compassion towards the lead killer, Juel, whose abusive childhood haunt her life. It is also a beautiful story of courage and love, but this book will mainly appeal to thriller lovers all over the world. After reading this book the reader will start thinking more about the reasons behind each cold blooded crime. Get this book from
The Mindful Woman
Gentle practices for restoring calm, finding balance and opening your heart
Sue Patton Thoele
New Harbinger Publications, Inc., 5674 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609,
2008, ISBN: 978-1-57224-542-6, paperback, pp. 224, US $ 15.95
Non fiction/Women/Psychology
Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Sue Patton Thoele, a psychotherapist, is the author of ten books. She lives in Colorado with her husband.

This book is a spiritual guide for women who need to find balance in their life. It is divided into 10 chapters that are easy to read and understand and, moreover, practice. The book consists of three parts that include some theory and a lot of practical tips that can help a woman achieve her aims.

Reading this guide from page one to the very end will certainly educate the readers who wish to have an overall taste of the contents of the book, but taking one step/chapter at a time it is wiser as every single chapter requires some practice if the reader intends to use it to get full benefits. Reading this book is like talking to a personal psychologist as it is direct and simple for every woman to follow. Any woman can use it regardless her faith or religion and it can certainly be valuable in a variety of cases. For example, anger or fear can cause real trouble but the author shows readers how to face it and react promptly. It caters to all women on this planet, and I would say that it is a mini bible every woman should have and consult.

Get this book from
The Cake Thief
Sally O.Lee
2008, ISBN: 9781419683923, paperback, pp.36
US $ 17.99
Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Sally O. Lee lives and works in Massachusetts. She has earned her BA in Studio Art and Art History (with distinction) from Colby College and then went on to study graphic design and painting in Boston (Art Institute of Boston) and in New York City (New York Studio School). Visit Sally at

The Cake Thief is a beautiful and fresh kids’ story about a cake thief. The underlying theme though of this story is relationships and loneliness. The hero of the story, Clarence, is a cake thief just because he feels lonely. When he realizes that people can enjoy his company, as well as his cakes, he changes. The art images in this book are exceptionally good: Plastic figures in full color enhance the story. The amazing oil paintings of Sally and her touching story are suitable for kids of all ages, and those who are young at heart are no exception. Sally Lee is a great artist that creates beautiful and educational books for kids. Get this book from

What to do when you become The Boss
How new managers become successful managers
Bob Selden
Outskirts Press,
2008, ISBN: 978-1-4327-1428-4
Paperback, pp. 280, US $ 24.95
Non fiction/Management/General

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal,

Bob Selden, an Australian who currently lives in Switzerland with his wife, coaches on the Mobilizing People program at the international Institute for Management Development in Lausanne. Learn more about his work at or/and at

This book is a useful guide for new managers. It covers a wide range of topics that interest a manager and is quite innovative in the aspect that it can suit any individual’s learning style. It is easy to follow and integrate the concepts into one’s needs, and its format and layout facilitate the reader to spot the part they are interested in fast.
It is divided into 22 chapters, each one dealing with new concepts and how to tips. The writing style is simple enough to read, yet entertaining and easy to follow. It is a valuable guide book that will educate new managers and those interested in this topic. Practical to use and fun to read is the perfect handbook in this genre. Get this book from

I am Your Disease
The Many Faces of Addiction
Real Lives, True Stories
Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis with Heiko Ganzer, LCSW, CASAC
Outskirts Press, Inc.,
2006, ISBN: 978-1-59800-699-5, paperback, pp. 392, US $ 16.95
Non fiction/self-help/general

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis is a loving wife and mom to her remaining son. Heiko Ganzer is a clinical social worker, certified addictions specialist and relationship therapist. Visit them at

This book is about the disease of addiction, a big issue that kills. It is a shocking account of true stories that highlight drug using and death. Emphasis is drawn to the fact that those young drug addicted kids can be found in people from all walks of life, showing that drug addiction is an every day problem that makes no discrimination among people.

May this book be read by everybody and help those who consider to or have already tried drugs. Can we stop this fatal abuse? Certainly, there is a way, and this book is the perfect gift to any family with kids. Written in a simple, everyday style, each story will touch the heart of the readers and will motivate them to react to drug abuse. Though his book is only a small step towards the elimination of this huge drug problem, it is nonetheless a valuable read for everyone on this planet. Via a combination of true stories and poetry this book is moving, true and shocking all the way through. At the back of the book there is a section on Internet Grief support Sites that may be useful to those interested.
Get this book from and

One Foot In The Black
A Wildland Firefighter’s Story
Kurt L. Kamm
2007, ISBN: 978-1-4357-0626-2, paperback, pp.264, US $ 14.95

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Kurt Kamm knows very well what it means to be a firefighter! Visit him at

This book is an account of a firefighter’s life story that unfolds in the childhood years of the main character, Greg, who suffers abuse by his violent father who is a firefighter. The whole story revolves around this traumatic experience of Greg who consequently becomes a firefighter himself.

The story involves social issues that assist in shaping the hero’s behavior and personality and shed light into the issue of domestic violence. Despite the abusive family surroundings the main character manages to live and find the courage to start a new life. The author makes his hero brave enough to go on with his life and seek the love and happiness he was deprived of during his early years at home. The characters in this story come live and ‘speak’ as if real persons. Written in the first person, this story is more like a personal diary-more lively and more intimate and direct than a third person prose that helps abridge the distance between the characters and the readers.

The author uses clear every day language so as this story is easy to read and can keep the reader’s interest intact from start to finish. It is interesting to learn all about firefighting and get to know the rules and lifestyle of a firefighter in USA. There are hard scenes at times, but sensitive at other times, as the hero of the story makes the reader feel his emotions and expectations of life. Realistic as it is, it could be read as a non fiction story rather than fiction. This story touches the hearts of readers who sympathize with the plight of Greg who seems to be so desperate for love. Was this need of his that made him become a firefighter?

It caters to a wide audience, and especially to those who love to get informed about the firefighters’ lives.

Get this book from Amazon

Creating Your Own Way to Happiness
A new life perspective for those considering a relationship or marriage, are married, divorced, or widowed
Robert Bruce &Lee Ann Kirby
Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S.Parker Rd-515, Parker CO 80134,
2007, ISBN: 978-1-4327-0345-5, paperback, pp. 180, $ 13.95
Non fiction/self help/personal growth

Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

R.Bruce has authored three books and is a professional speaker, while L.A. Kirby is a co-author of this book. Visit them at

This book is a guide for those who seek help to reconstruct their life. Written from a Christian perspective it encourages people to believe in themselves and go on with their lives. Many people do not like making changes in their life, the authors state. This book will help them to reconsider their lifestyle and become happy again. The authors address many important issues such as marriage, divorce and death and try to make readers use their advice throughout the book to enhance their life.

The book is in the format of a workbook rather than a conventional book so that the reader can make notes at times and follow their own progress. There are ample references to the Bible that help the authors to illustrate their points. It caters to everybody within the Christian religion who wish to transform their lives and feel happier and more fulfilled. It is written in a clear style that can be read by people from all walks of life. Get this book from

Dream Moments
The Voice in Your Dreams, Prophecy and Intuition
Ruth Frances Hoskins, Ph.D., LCSW, BCD
Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S.Parker Rd-515, Parker CO 80134,
2007, ISBN: 978-1-4327-1395-9, paperback, pp. 160,
US $ 10.95

Non fiction, spiritual

Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Ruth Frances Hoskins is the Director of Relaxation International and a stress management consultant. She has authored many books in the field of relaxation and dreams and can be reached at and

Dream Moments is an account of personal dreams that the author has found prophetic or important in some other aspects. It takes the readers on a journey into the world of dreams and tries to explain the significance of each dream. The large letter size makes reading comfortable for the eyes and the style is clear and easy to read by all people from all walks of life. This book caters to those who wish to know more about dreams and their meaning in our life. Get this book from
The Essential Engstrom
Proven Principles of Leadership
Ted W. Engstrom
Timothy J.Beals, Editor
Authentic Publishing, 1820 Jet Stream Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921
2007, ISBN: 978-1-93068-06-9
pp.309, paperback, US $ 16.99

Non fiction/Business and Economics/Leadership

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Ted W. Engstrom, known worldwide as a leader, preacher and teacher, produced more than 50 books. Timothy J.Beals, the editor, owns Credo Communications, LLC, serves as Adjunct professor of Writing at Cornerstone University and as Instructor of Publishing at University of the Nations.

This book is an anthology of the best writings of Ted W. Engstrom who devoted his life to teaching others and was one of the most influential Christian leaders of the last century. He was devoted to the evangelical movement and his strategies for the practical application of Christian leadership have been of outmost importance.

This book has got 40 chapters and includes topics such as the importance of mistakes, attitude is everything and making critical choices. The section addressing the future, The new world, is very interesting to read, while the whole book serves as a guide for all those who seek success. It is written in an academic style and it is a valuable handbook that will certainly satisfy those who wish to get educated in leadership and effective management issues within the Christian religion.

Get this book from
The Chocolate Queen
Lee Brooks
Publish America, Baltimore,,
2006, ISBN: 1-4241-0259-6, paperback, pp. 194, $ 19.95
Fiction/Young adult/Fantasy

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Lee Brooks, a chocolate lover and a member of The red Hats Queen Bees of Brooklyn, lives in Connecticut with her husband and cats. The chocolate Queen is her first published book. Visit her at

The Chocolate Queen is a marvelous story that involves chocolate, love and adventure. The land of Reverent consider chocolate a taboo, while in the city of Carmel, hidden in the woods, a loving Queen lives and they all honor chocolate. The residents of Carmel are in constant battle with the residents of Reverent, and in the course of events many bad things happen. What will be the outcome of their fight? Is chocolate going to be banned for ever? Amidst the turmoil a love story unfolds and keeps the readers’ interest intact to the very end of the book.

The author has invented a code language that is based on the Greek alphabet and which is quite interesting to see! There is a table of contents at the back of the book to help readers decipher the code. This book is a beautiful tale for kids of all ages. The city of Carmel serves as a kind of Utopia where people live happily in a tropical paradise. Could this happen in the real world? The sketches throughout the book are cute. The cover is very attractive, chocolate lovers will just love it! To sum up, this is an unusual fantasy book for everyone who loves fantasy and chocolate.

Get this book from
Free Mind, Free Body
How To Use Your Mind To Achieve More than Ever Before!
A New Thought-Provoking and Mind-Expanding Perspective…
D.R.Boisse, Publishing Inc., P.O.Box 9949, College Station, TX 77842, 2007, ISBN: 978-1-60264-034-4, pp. 158, US $ 14.95
Non fiction/ inspirational/health/body and mind/self-improvement
Reviewed by Liana Metal

D.R.Boisse has dedicated himself to motivating, empowering and instructing people while they work toward being their best. Read more about him at and at

This book is a helpful guide on how to succeed in life by finding happiness. The key is to free yourself and then you can have unlimited happiness. Based on positive thinking, this book is undoubtedly the most useful guide I have ever come across in years!

The author addresses many essential issues throughout his book. For example, he talks about fears and particularly he illustrates the fear of flying. It is very interesting to read and see the explanations he offers, and the solutions to any fear problem that may arise. He urges readers to free themselves in order to find happiness in life. To do that they need to free themselves from negative feelings that can create stress. He highlights that everyone has got the power to change things. He states: ‘You can feel great any time you want to’ (see page 115). There are practical tips in the book on how to enjoy life and be phobia-free. The most important element I think is the replacement theory he mentions, that is, to replace negative behavior with positive one. He also tells how to use your unconscious abilities in order to do anything you wish and offers tips on how to achieve that.

This book is absorbing and highly interesting and can be read in one sitting. It is written in a simple and clear conversational style that it is easy to understand. It caters to everyone who wishes to educate themselves or solve their inner problems such as phobias and stress. This is the best ever book I have read in years as it is helpful and exciting to the very end. The author encourages people to “do things that make you feel good” and this is the main point of the whole issue described here.
Get this book from

We Are All One
A call to spiritual uprising
J.M. Harrison, A Lawren O’Lee Publication, 2007,
ISBN: 9781419674051, paperback, pp.190, US $ 13.99
Non fiction/spiritual
Very Highly Recommended

J.M. Harrison is the founder of the Dubon Centre, along with Wendy Harrison and Sharon Jeffries. Learn more about it at

This book is a spiritual journey into consciousness that will help readers gain awareness of the world around them and explore their inner self. The author addresses the issue of death on page 36, which is a very important topic for everyone, and introduces readers to the concept or reincarnation. The aim of this book is to help the reader to gain spiritual evolution so that they can learn how to approach spiritual truth. ‘Knowing oneself is important’ says the author who then highlights that ‘all things return to their source’ (see page 59).

There are many essential issues mentioned in this book. For example, on page 80, the author states that ‘if you own nothing, then nothing owns you”, while Chapter 8 is a very significant chapter as it refers to God and religion. He even addresses the issue of healing that is getting quite popular nowadays. To sum up, the author urges readers to seek themselves in order to find their inner self. This book is a difficult read and it is not for everyone. However, if all the people could read it and understand it, the world would be a better place and wars would stop. What’s the point of fighting (and getting killed) for one’s religion if all religions come from and end up to the same source? The concept of oneness the author tries to make readers understand is very important and this vision of his should be made known to the wider public.
Get this book from

Charlie Bird
The Best Bird Ever
Linda Bird
Outskirts Press Inc., 10940 S.Parker Road-515, Parker CO 80134
2007, ISBN: 978-1-4327-0489-6
Paperback, pp.32, US $ 12.95
Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Linda Bird, having had a career in health care, wrote this book inspired by her pet parrot Charlie Bird. More at

Charlie Bird is a lively illustrated book for young children that tells readers the adventures of Charlie Bird, a pet parrot. It shows the kids how a caged bird lives and what happens one day he is set free. Charlie Bird is an enjoyable story that can motivate kids to love and take care of their pets. There are colored illustrations throughout the story and the letter size is comfortable enough for the kids to read aloud. The author uses humor in her descriptions of Charlie’s activities, thus making this story an entertaining read suitable for both pre- school and school age kids. Get this book from
Or Ingram and Baker & Taylor

What they want you to know!
Messages from beyond the Grave
Carter Shepard and Carolyn Cummings
As narrated by John Scudder
Cumming Press, Atlanta, Ga., 2007, ISBN: 978-0-9767063-1-1
pp. 495, US $ 19.95


Reviewed by Liana Metal

Very Highly Recommended

Carter Shepard has been studying metaphysics and spirituality for almost 30 years, while Carolyn Cummings has been a professional Medium and Intuitive Psychic for over 20 years. Visit them at

This book is highly original. It could be categorized as a non fiction work since it includes interviews with celebrities. However, it belongs to the field of metaphysics and spirituality and it is about the individuals who have passed on the other side, so ‘fiction’ should be more appropriate. The first thing that strikes the eyes is the large print; it is comfortable for the eyes and this is an extra benefit of the book as it addresses a wider audience (the elderly included).

The authors address the topic of religion, political issues and talk about forgiveness. Israel, Iran, immigration reform and social programs are some of the topics mentioned in this innovative book. The political figures in the book express their views on world matters, and all individuals mention their experiences in their past lives. The latter issue is one of the most interesting ones since the authors raise the subject of reincarnation. The book also mentions love. Leonardo da Vinci speaks about unconditional love and touches religion issues that may not appeal to everyone. Generally, this is a comforting book that will offer valuable spiritual gifts to its readership. “Earthy rewards are short-lived. Heavenly rewards are never, never short-lived” says John F.Kennedy, Jr. on page 165. Black and white photos enhance the book. Apart from the messages it shares it is very interesting since readers have the chance to ‘meet’ celebrities of all times.

It is an incredibly original book that no one should miss. An exciting read for those who love to travel into the spiritual world and get to know ‘the other side’, how it is to cross over. Get the book from

Glamour Job

A Fairy-Tale for Grown-ups

Doug Farrell

Booksurge, 7290-B Investment Drive, Charleston, SC 29418,

2007, ISBN: 978-1-4196-7496-9, paperback, pp. 485


Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal

Doug Farrell, a professional theater and TV actor, is also the creator of WBAI comedy show, Nearly Normal. He lives with his family in Savannah, Ga.

This book is an original comedy story that has got fast action, and the readers will find themselves in peculiar situations. The story is about the adventures of a model, Laurie, who encounters Hawley, a blue gnome which is over 400 years old. The gnome confesses to Laurie the goblins want to replace her and warns her to take care. In this story the readers will see goblins disguised as humans and acting like humans.

Reading this book is like reading a comic book without print images. However, the images of the characters pop out in the course of the dialogue which is vivid and full of action. Glamour Job is an original fairy tale with an unexpected ending. The characters spin around Laurie whose background is Jewish, so related issues are mentioned in the story. The language is simple and colloquial and the plot is quite interesting. To sum up, this book is something out of the ordinary, and it is written in a humorous way that will appeal to a wide audience. So, it caters to adults who would like to experiment with a fairy tale and have fun!

Get the book from or

Dump Your Trainer
The only thing they’ll reduce is your wallet!
Ashley Marriott, Marc L. Paulsen
Booksurge Publishing, 7290-B Investment Drive, Charleston, SC 29418,, 2007, ISBN: 1-4196-8023-4, paperback, pp.229, US$ 20.99
Non fiction/self-help

Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Ashley Marriott has been designing and instructing dance and fitness programs for more than ten years. Marc Paulsen is a graduate of Stanford University Medical School. Visit them at

This book is a fitness guide that will make readers reconsider their ideas about personal trainers. The book starts with Myths about personal trainers. It is interesting to notice what many people really think about them and how much a trainer can help. The diet and Fitness program is quite interesting too, as well as the exercise program that follows. On page 111 there is a food list that will make readers aware of the healthier alternatives they can use in their diet, while the goal setting section on page 113 is an important part of this book. The book includes Action steps from Day One to day 21 that inform the readers about the exercise they should do and the kind of foods they can eat. There are also tips for fast food alternatives on page 186 that will interest most readers.

It is written in a simple style that can be read by everyone, and there are photos and illustrations throughout the book to make it more appealing. It caters to anyone interested in losing weight and keeping fit at a low cost.
Get the book from

The Giving Myths

Giving, then Getting the Life You’ve Always Wanted

Stephen B.McSwain

Smyth&Helwys Publishing, Inc., 6316 Peake Road,

Macon, Georgia, 31210-3960

2007, ISBN: 978-1-57312-495-9, paperback, pp.256, US $ 18

Christian living/inspirational


Reviewed by Liana Metal


Highly Recommended


Stephen B.McSwain, vice president of Cargill Associates, Inc., an industry leader in philanthropy, is an expert in the fields of church, philanthropy and capital fundraising.  Dr. McSwain has an earned doctorate and he and his family live in Louisville, Kentucky.


The Giving Myths is an original guide book divided into 10 chapters.  It shows how to live your life and achieve happiness.  It is full of Bible quotations and real life examples.  More specifically, this book is about giving money away.  The author says, “The getting myth is our culture’s big lie” and explains why the American dream is a lie.  He also says that “the happiest people are those who have learned (or are learning) to give away themselves and their resources”.


The author highlights the fact that when you give up the need for material things you become free and happy.  Full of real life examples, this book shows readers how to become free and how to start giving out and becoming generous persons.  The reward is joy and great happiness, Steven assures them.  The book has suggestions for giving in some sections, and stresses the importance of charity throughout its chapters.

It is written in a clear and simple style and can be read by everybody interested in this issue.  Charity is an important issue for all faiths and beliefs though, and if this book had not focused on Christianity solely, it would have been suitable for everyone on earth regardless their religion. However, since the author justifies his examples and theories via the Bible, it caters to a Christian audience all over the world. It is a book that can inspire people and make them better persons, so I recommend it to everyone who wants to help other people and his community.


Get the book from




Pirates in Paradise

Connie Lee Berry

Kid’s Fun Press,, 2007, ISBN: 9780977284832

pp.84, paperback, US $3.95, CAN $ 4.95


Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal


Connie Lee Berry writes adventure books for kids that are real page turners!

In Pirates in Paradise, the author tells an exciting story with pirates and her heroes, Sam and Max, discover a lot of new things at sea.  The boys sail in the Caribbean but they have to face danger.  How will they cope?  What will happen to them?


The book is a fast-paced adventure that is gripping and attractive to young readers. The book is full of facts and fun that excite and educate.  There are 11 chapters in this chapter book and a lot of pictures that enhance the story throughout the book. The story is written in the appropriate simple style and it caters to young kids aged 7-9. Get the book from or any online bookstore.




Adventures in Africa

Connie Lee Berry

Kid’s Fun Press,, 2007, ISBN: 9780977284825

pp.88, paperback, US $3.95, CAN $ 4.95


Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal


In Adventure in Africa, the author follows her heroes, Sam and Max, to Africa where they discover a lot of exciting animals.  The boys show extreme courage when they face a dangerous situation and eventually manage to rescue someone and themselves from it.  It is a well-crafted story with a lot of pictures and facts about animals in Africa.  Kids will certainly find it very interesting!


There are 9 chapters in this chapter book.  The story is written in the appropriate simple style and it caters to young kids aged 7-9. At the back of each book there is a science pick that is educational and fun. I loved that part! I certainly recommend this book series to any kid or parents who love adventure that is educational.

Get the book from or any online bookstore.



These Are My Final Wishes

Tamara Dunkel

Outskirts Press,, Denver, Colorado, 2007,

ISBN: 978-1-4327-1275-4, paperback, pp. 64, US $ 9.95

Non fiction/Death and Dying


Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Liana Metal


Tamara Dunkel has written this book in memory of her mother.  When she died, the family arranged everything the way they wanted since they did not know her mother’s wishes.


It is a mini guide that shows readers how to arrange things before dying.  It is written in a simple and clear way, and the large print and double spacing is very helpful for the elderly who are going to use it.  Tamara is aware of the fact that everyone should have his final wishes made known to someone-a close relative or friend-so as to know what to do next. It is divided into several sections that can also serve as a notebook to write down one’s wishes.


This book is a helpful guide that will assist everyone interested in after death procedures. It is not suitable only for the elderly.  It caters to everyone, since no one knows what happens next!

Get the book from


Spirits in the Garden

The Amazing Realm of Secret Life Around us

With Remedies and Gifts of Healing Wisdom

Joan Solomon

Grynwild Publishing, 3208 West Lake Street#117, Minneapolis, MN 55416

2006, ISBN: 978-0-9786166-0-1, hardback, pp.146, US $ 48.75

Non fiction/self-help/educational

Very Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Liana Metal


Joan Solomon, an artist, writer and photographer, lives and works at her lakeside studio and is greatly concerned about the environment, and animal welfare. Visit her at and you will have the chance to view her beautiful collection of paintings that celebrate life by evoking feelings of happiness and tranquility.


This beautiful book is a piece of art.  It contains photos, paintings, recipes for remedies and poems, all in a wonderful combination that helps the reader relax and get a positive point of view in life.  When you look at it you can also think “Wow! Life is wonderful!” and this is the main point the author/artist wishes to transfer to you, the reader.  Life is full of surprises and the more we care about our environment, the happier we will be. 


Spirits in The Garden is a unique book in its kind that educates, entertains and feeds the spirit and our visual senses.  There is a pandemonium of colors throughout this excellent book that serves as a guide to natural herbs and beauty of nature as a whole.  The author includes herbal preparations to relieve several symptoms and tells us about the history and values of each herb.  She urges readers to look at a garden in a different way:  not just see the plants, but also ‘feel’ them, to allow themselves to “see life from a fresh perspective.”


At the back of the book there is a list of sources for products, and information about books that inspire and inform.  Also there is a small collection of her paintings.  It is worth visiting the author’s site and viewing her whole art collection. Joan is an excellent artist and writer, and this book is a great gift for anyone loving art, as well for those interested in herbal remedies. 

Get the book from


My Funny Dad, Harry

Karen Arlettaz Zemek

Outskirts Press, Inc, Denver, Colorado,

2007, ISBN: 978-1-4327-1417-8, paperback, pp. 158, US $12.95, CAN $ 12.95

Non fiction/memoirs/biography

Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal


Karen Arlettaz Zemek, a secretary at a law firm, grew up with two foster sisters and one foster brother.  She lives with her husband, Gerard, in Ohio. She wrote this book in memory of her father, Harry.


This book is the affectionate account of a loving daughter to her precious father. The author uses all her memories to construct the image of her father, Harry, and his funny moments of his lifetime.  Karen tries to describe each moment she shared with her dad with much care and detail so as the reader to be able to identify with her and see her dad through her eyes.  Karen’s perspective shows how much she loved her father and mother as well as her foster sisters and brother, who all formed a loving family.


The incidents she describes indicate how Harry used to think and live, and are an important sign of his generation that lived before technology spread out.  Harry had a unique personality that will make readers love him, and the details of his life Karen describes so well, enhance the image of a good father who cares about his family.


The language is simple and clear, quite direct and enjoyable for everyone to read.  The book is full of black and white pictures that show Harry and his pets, and his other possessions around his house.  The author addresses issues of old age and death that we all face at some point in our life.  This story shows how tight some family bonds can be.  It is certainly a nice book, quite unusual from the other memoir books I have read. I enjoyed Harry’s relationship with his cats and his determination to live on his own. 

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Double Edged

A change of Heart

Ben Harr, 2007, ISBN: 978-1-84753-471-2,

hardcover, pp. 328

US$ 26.24


Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Liana Metal


Ben Harr loves mysteries and missions, thus his novel involves espionage and adventure taking place all over the world.


The story is about climate changes and a team of spies who have a lot of adventures in many countries.  It is divided in four parts and it involves British and American detectives, as well as a Spanish and a Gibraltarian one. The story starts in our times and extends to year 2050 when some of the heroes are still alive.


The language is clear and can be easily read by everyone.  There is a lot of dialogue throughout the novel that facilitates the plot.  The black and white photographs found on some parts of the book enhance the story and make it look more truthful.  There is a lot of description and action involved in this story that will appeal to those who love travel and adventure.  The author touches some cultural aspects and taboos such as male prostitution.  This novel has also elements of science fiction as it refers to year 2050.  Readers can get it from Lulu at

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The Pocket Parent Coach

Your Two-Week Guide to a Dramatically Improved Life with Your Intense Child

Tina Feigal

Beaver’s Pond Press, 7104 Ohms Lane, Edina, MN 55439, 2007, ISBN: 978-1-59298-185-4, paperback, pp. 112, US $19.95

Non fiction/educational/self-help

Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal


Tina Feigal, M.S.,Ed., founder of the center for the Challenging Child, LLC, she assists parents from around the world.  Visit her at

to learn more.


The Pocket Parent Coach is a valuable guide book for the parents whose children are intense.  The author guides the parent step by step and teaches him/her how to make their child behave right and how to accept the consequences of misbehavior.  The Author is an expert in challenging children, thus she knows what elements a child needs in the first place.  A child wants ‘predictability’ Tina says, and ‘security’ so a parent must show consistency.


Tina believes that ‘clarity creates security’ so she teaches parents how to achieve that.  The book includes a lot of examples so that it is easy to read and understand.  Tips for the language to use with kids who oppose you at every turn are also included.  Bedtime issues are addressed as well as teen issues. 


What can parents do when a child lies?  Tina has got the answer to that too, on page 70.  Readers can also learn a lot form a mom’s experience on page 74, and use the note pages throughout the book to jot down their own comments on their progress with their kids.  Resources for parents are on page 85, as well as Daily reminder slips to use on each day. There is a CD accompanying this great guide book that is an extra sample of a mom’s problem with her kid.


Tina writes clearly and concisely, and her book caters to all parents and those who wish to get educated on that subject.  I watched a TV documentary (Nanny one, one) the other day on challenging children and after reading Tina’s book, I can now understand some of the tactics that nanny used to correct the child’s behavior.  Tina has done a great job and this book is a valuable tool for every parent. So, if you want to understand your child, or any other child in the world, do not miss reading it!


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It’s a Brand New Day

Donald Leslie Slater and Kenny D. Shaw

Life lessons to teach your child!

Outskirts Press, Denver, Colorado,

2007, ISBN: 978-1-4327-1398-0, paperback,

US $ 22.95, CAN $24.95

Non fiction/self-help/ispiritational/ music

Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Liana Metal


Donald Leslie Slater and Kenny D. Shaw have a strong faith in Jesus.  Together they created this book to inspire young people love God and life in this wonderful world.


It’s a Brand New day is an original book that combines life lessons, song and music in a way that will appeal to people of all ages.  Designed to urge young children have faith and to honor their family, it is an original tool that can be used by everybody regardless their age.


The book starts with the signature song and the readers can read the lyrics step by step while looking at the beautiful pictures depicting nature as they are described in the lyrics, which are also in Spanish.  There is an optional CD that contains the songs and reinforces the book. 


The book also contains life lessons for children, such as the value of mother and father, grandparents, veterans, pets and the world around us.  It can serve as a notebook for kids to comment on these issues or as a guide book to this wonderful world.  It is written in a simple and clear style and caters to people from all walks of life evoking feelings of love and respect for nature and family.  It is a positive means of encouraging young people love life, and more specifically, family life.  The strongest element in this book is the art, such as the pictures and the music.  The photographers have done a great job!  The book focuses on Christian religion and uses this as a base to teach the life lessons about the world.  It is a useful tool for church communities, schools, and parents or grandparents who may need a special gift for their grandchildren.  It is entertaining and educational at the same time.


The book and the CD can be bought from



The Prometheus Project


Douglas E. Richards

DNA Press LLC,

PO Box 572, Eagleville, PA 19408, USA,

ISBN: 0-9748765-4-2, paperback, pp.140, US $9.95

Science fiction/adventure


Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal


Douglas Richards, an MA holder in molecular biology and business, has got two children and lives in California.  Contact the author at



This book is an excellent quality thriller. It is the story of two young kids who seek adventure and mystery, so eventually they find themselves involved in an extraordinary situation.  Their parents are at risk so the kids try to help them by entering a forbidden area and they discover an alien site.  What will happen to them?  Are they going to survive? Are their parents going to help them?


It is a story with a tight plot, a lot of action and a lot of science.  The author involves nano-technology, the internet and a lot of maths throughout his story so the readers will be educated as well as highly entertained.  It is a valuable book, quite original and easy to read.  The gripping storyline will make young readers read this story in one sitting and want a sequel.  The author has written another book, The Prometheus Project-Captured, as a sequel to the first one.


I strongly recommend this book to all young ones up to 13, and to older kids as well. It is a story full of clues that feed the mind and educate. It is full of action, fast paced and exciting to the very end, and it is like watching a movie.  I will certainly recommend this book to my younger students who learn English-it can be used as a reader in ELT too.


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Forget the Cures Find the Cause

Book Two:  The Circle

Rayna M.Gangi

Outskirts Press, Inc., Denver, Colorado,

2007, ISBN: 978-1-4327-1539-7, paperback, pp. 273, US$19.95, CAN $ 21.95

Non Fiction/alternative medicine/self-help/educational


Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal


Rayna Gangi is a Holistic Health consultant and International broadcaster. Book Two closes the circle (Book one was about the Seven keys to balanced life) and is about healing body, mind and spirit. Visit her at


This book is a guide to healing using alternative medicine.  The author focuses on America’s problems mainly, but some issues are international.  Organic food is the healthier alternative to GM food nowadays, and Rayna teaches the readers how to create their own organic food at home. Water in America is not pure, as well as most of the food, so Rayna makes the readers aware of those problems and gives tips on how to get pure water and food.  Illness is the greatest issue arising in this book and the author tries to show how to avoid it.  She believes the earth has to be treated with respect to make people be healthier and live longer. 


Pets and their well being is another important issue Rayna addresses in this book. This book includes information we can’t usually get easily, such as the substances included in toothpaste and we should certainly avoid, or the chemicals in food and cosmetics that can trigger illness.  She also writes about the health system in America and highlights the pros and cons, and advises what to be aware of when we consult a doctor. 


Rayna focuses on holistic medicine and is in favor of herbs, organic products and pure water.  She urges readers to start an alternative way of life to boost their immune system and avoid illness. In chapter 3 she mentions the vitamins certain foods include, such as particular fruit and vegetables, and this is a very interesting part of the book!



This book is easy to read.  Its style is simple enough for all the people to understand and caters to everyone interested in leading a healthy lifestyle.  It is a guide book that educates and helps people to regain their health and it is certainly worth reading it!  Get the book from

Sacred Wisdom

Helga Schroder

Suka Press, LLC, Newport Beach, California,

2006, ISBN: 9780978759308

Hardback, pp. 381, US $24.95



Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal


Helga Schroder, born and raised in Germany, is a graduate in Applied Linguistics. She is currently living in California where she is a Fulbright Scholar.


Sacred Wisdom is a story about Lou, the main character, who tries to find inner peace and a purpose in life.  His journey into the spiritual world is adventurous and amazing bringing him a slow transformation of his soul as well as the love he is looking for. It is a positive novel that inspires and encourages people to start looking for their own inner peace and purpose in life.


The story is written in the first person and reads as a personal account.  It is direct and vivid, truthful and fast- paced.  It is a gripping story that inspires and entertains at the same time.  It emits positive thinking and urges readers to discover themselves and work towards their ideals.


Helga tries to connect Christian religion to Buddhism by interpreting some Buddhism elements of faith into Christian ones.  Thus, this story is a link between different cultures and religious beliefs, though it eventually focuses on Buddhism, which is evident that the author is in favor of.


The part about negative thinking on page 246 is quite interesting, as well as the part of the Lama teaching about death issues.  The main concern of the author is the planet and the conservation of the eco system.  She believes that each person should do something about our planet as the destruction is imminent.  The whole story swirls around this issue and it certainly serves its purpose.  The story is enlightening, yet entertaining and interesting.  It involves vivid imagery, ‘real’ characters and some fantasy aspects such as visions of the spiritual world.  The main character sees visions that eventually lead him to find the purpose in life: to fight for the planet. 


The author uses clear language, at times colloquial-an interesting aspect of the book too.  Readers learn about Sao Paolo in Brazil and read a lot of geographical facts and cultural aspects of the place. It is also interesting to read the meditation techniques Lou is practicing in order to get inner peace and relax.  Undoubtedly the readers will learn a lot from this novel since it has got a lot of aspects found in non fiction books. Sacred Wisdom caters to all readers who have inquisitive minds and it is worth reading.  Get the book from


The Healer’s Way

Bringing Hands-On Compassion to a Love-Starved World

Earnie Larsen with Carol Larsen Hegarty

Conari Press, 65 Parker Street, Suite 7, Newburyport, MA 01950

2007, ISBN: 978-1-57324-309-4, paperback, pp. 226, US $14.95

Non fiction/Self-help/Recovery


Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal


Earnie Larsen is a pioneer in the field of recovery from addictive or unwanted behaviors, and the originator of the process known as Stage 2 recovery.  He has authored more than 60 books and 40 motivational self-help tapes. Visit him at Carol Larsen Hegarty is Earnie’s sister and long-time collaborator.


The Healer’s Way is a guide to healing, personal transformation and life changing that is divided into seven chapters.  In this innovative book, the author guides the readers through the lives of several people who need spiritual transformation.  These are samples from every day life all of us can experience.  This guide leads the reader to a mystical journey into the psychology of each person so as to spot the problem underlying each case and heal it.  Addictive behavior, physical abuse, punishment, low self-esteem are only some of the issues the readers will encounter in this book.  According to the author, there is always a way to heal. 


Written in an emotional way, this book can affect the reader who needs to change his/her life.  Interesting issues arise on page 134 where the author says:

“That’s the secret-recognizing what’s beneath the surface” and on page 143 “love is by far the most difficult road”.  The author develops self-care issues in chapter six.


Packed with stories from real people, Earnie manages to introduce readers to the plights of everyday man and then he makes the reader aware of the cause of each personal problem.  Then the author finds a solution for each case.  According to Earnie, everyone can heal using the seven-step process explained in his book.  This is the best counseling I have read in years that is easy to understand and apply to.  His story telling skills are superb.  Language is simple and clear and the style is simple too, catering to people from all walks of life.  A good read for those who seek spiritual transformation as well for those who wish to help others, or just to understand themselves.  A great guide for everyone.

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Carmen Harra Ph.D., BookSurge Publishing,

7290-B Investment Drive, Charleston, South Carolina 29418

2007, ISBN: 9781419665622, pp.180, paperback, US $ 16.99


Non fiction, self-help


Very Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Liana Metal


Carmen Harra, a clinical psychologist, metaphysician and author of three books, is also a TV personality, motivational speaker, singer and radio host on Carmen lives in New York and Florida with her family. Learn more about Carmen at


The Trinity of Health is a self help guide that includes 10 chapters.  It consists of two parts: Part One focuses on spiritual values; it offers readers an analysis of the seven guiding principles and motivates them to incorporate these values into their daily life.  Part Two is about nutrition.  Specifically, it is all about smart nutrition and how people can eat healthily and joyfully.  There is reference to the Greek diet on page 31, why the Mediterranean diet is better than other diets, and tips on how to avoid fatty foods and stick to healthy foods.  ‘Moderation in all things’ is the secret, Carmen says on page 41, and this is a wise section.  Further on, on page 103, the topic is about self esteem.  Loving and changing yourself in order to have a good carma are quite interesting to read.  Carmen makes reference to organic foods on page 114, thus urging readers to switch to healthier alternatives.  At the back of the book there is a Bibliography section.


This book is a valuable guide for everyone interested in their well-being.  Once the readers get the required knowledge, they can change their lifestyle and values.  Carmen’s book is well-written, simple and clear to read.  I love the letter font; it is relaxing for the eyes and obviously it caters to people at an older age, without restricting a younger audience though.  This guide inspires and urges people to change, so it is an invaluable tool in the reader’s hands.  As Carmen says, the secret of good life is balance, which sounds simple but it is difficult to have.’  Therefore, balance your life with Carmen’s new book!  Get it from  and









Christmas on Deery Street & other seasonal stories

Steven Roberts

Outskirts Press, Inc:

2006, ISBN: 978-1-4327-1311-9, Library of Congress Control Number:2006906599, paperback, pp.97, US $12.99



Very Highly Recommended

 Reviewed by Liana Metal


Christmas on Deery Street is Steven Roberts’ first book, and ‘While Shepherds Watched’ is his second one coming out soon.  Steven, a PhD in Political Science holder, is active in his church where his stories are read the Sunday before Christmas.  He lives with his family in Knoxville, Tennessee where he teaches for Tusculum College.


This book is a collection of wonderful Christmas stories that will entertain and inspire readers from all over the world.  The author says:  ‘There is a small element of truth in them that came from one of my dad’s stories.’  These are stories that celebrate not only Christmas but family bonds and friendships.  They are written in the third person and the lively dialogue Steven used throughout this book it makes them sound ‘real’ and vivid.  The readers can get a lot of cultural aspects as well, such as the way they used to celebrate Christmas long ago.  The author is mainly focused on family gatherings, and friendship bonds, revealing special memories that are interesting to read.


The style is simple, the character description is excellent and the use of colloquial language at times helps to highlight the different background of the characters, since each one of them has got his own voice.  The stories are humorous, moving and real, and they are all fun to read.   A good book to entertain readers at Christmas time!  It certainly caters to a wide audience.  Each story has got an unexpected turn, and it is gripping enough to make the reader read on till the end.


Get the book from Books available through:

The author: Steve Roberts-(865) 256-5597 or;

Carpe Librum

 or (865) 588-8080;

On-line: or (Barnes and Noble); and

Through most major distributors (Ingram Publishing, Baker-Taylor) and most major retail outlets (Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc.)



Loyalty Beyond All Bounds

Kevin Davis

Holy Fire Publishing, Unit 116, 1525-D Old Trolley Road, Summerville, SC29485, , ISBN: 978-1-60383-012-6, 2007, paperback, pp. 220.


Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal,

Reviewer at


Kevin Davis is a freelance writer who writes screen plays. He has won a National Pet Talent TV show with his Border Collie, Kena.


Shep is the story of a sheep dog who comes across a desperate man. Shep and his new master, John, become inseparable and work at a ranch. John falls in love but his life suddenly changes.  Brave Shep shows his devotion to the man who loved him in the only way a dog can.  This story is inspired by a true event in that area.


The story is simple to read and follow.  There are no complex sentences, nor literary devices. The author keeps his writing to the very basics, and this simplicity of the novel indicates that the writer has been familiar with screen writing. The story flows smoothly from one chapter to the other so it is easy to follow the characters’ actions and ‘see’ their feelings.  The novel reads like a play, and that is exactly what the author wants to achieve. His aim is to create a screen play based on this story.  The reader can ‘hear’ the sound of it.  It is quite fast paced and involves a lot of action.  It also involves Christian aspects.  It is a story that is easy to read and entertaining as well. It has got some adventure and romance and some moving scenes that reflect reality in our daily life. It caters to all ages, and the audience it is addressed to is quite wide and not limited to Christian readership.  Loyalty is a value that fits in all religions. Shep is undoubtedly a good story that will make an excellent screen play!


Get the book from

While Shepherds Watched

Steven Roberts

Outskirts Press, Inc:

2007, ISBN: 978-1-4327-1401-7, paperback, pp.166, US $15.95, CAN $ 16.95



Very Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Liana Metal


While Shepherds Watched is Steven Roberts’ second book that is filled with Christmas spirit.  Steven, a PhD in Political Science holder, is active in his church where his stories are read the Sunday before Christmas.  He lives with his family in Knoxville, Tennessee where he teaches for Tusculum College.


This book is a collection of wonderful Christmas stories that will entertain and inspire readers from all over the world.  The lively dialogue and detailed description Steven used throughout this book it makes the stories sound ‘real’ and vivid.  The readers can get a lot of cultural aspects as well, such as the way they used to celebrate Christmas long ago in certain places, and feel the magic of family bonds the author knows and describes so well in his stories. 


Steven ‘s style is simple and clear, his use of colloquial language at times enhance the character description, which is excellent, and the use of some literary elements make the overall impression of this little story book a perfect read for Christmas time. The stories are humorous, moving and real, and they are all fun to read.   A good book to entertain readers not only at Christmas time but all the year round!  It certainly caters to a wide audience.  Each story has got an unexpected turn, a mystery of some kind, and it is gripping enough to make the reader read on till the end. Steven’s second book is longer than his first one and the stories now are more spicy and well crafted. The cover of the book is very attractive and the size quite handy to carry it anywhere. It is an original Christmas book that no reader should miss!


Books available through:

The author: Steve Roberts-(865) 256-5597 or;

Carpe Librum

 or (865) 588-8080;

On-line: or (Barnes and Noble); and

Through most major distributors (Ingram Publishing, Baker-Taylor) and most major retail outlets (Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc.)


Other Books by Steven Roberts

Christmas on Deery Street

& other seasonal stories


Public Lies

Brenda Youngerman

Outskirts Press, Inc, 10940 S.Parker Rd-515, Parker CO 80134, Denver, Colorado, USA,

2007, ISBN: 978-1-4327-1296-9, paperback, pp.300, US $15.95

Family Relationships



Very Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Liana Metal



Brenda Youngerman, an avid proponent of domestic violence legislation, has written Public Lies in order to enlighten the public to the plight of the victims. You can visit her at


Public Lies is about domestic violence and the way it affects women from all walks of life.  The story starts at the point Nancy, the main character and victim in this story, leaves Vince, her drug addict violent husband, in order to save herself and her two kids from the unbearable life they are living.  Nancy lives in a constant nightmare and has no one to turn to but her sister Olivia who lives in another city. But Vince has not allowed them to have any relationship with them so far.  Nancy is desperate and decides to be brave and escape. Will she succeed in having a safe life? Will Vince find her and destroy her? The two kids are in the middle of this ordeal and seem to be the only excuse for Vince to go after Nancy.  But are they really what he is after?  Or is it pure revenge for his wife?


The story is well crafted in every single detail.  The ‘real’ situation the characters are set in is working right.  The readers will identify themselves with the family members and follow the plot till the end. It is a real story in real surroundings that will make people think of the consequences of violent behavior in families as well as drug use.  Children are abused in many other ways than people may think, so a drug addict parent with irrational behavior may indeed be the beginning of a child’s psychological problems.  Nancy’s feelings towards her husband seem genuine and pure, while his are all the way through based on resentment, jealousy and revenge. The author shows that a woman can not easily realize how a man can be so deceptive and bad even to his own children.  On the other hand, the story involves characters that degrade the woman.  Christina, Trent’s wife, has had numerous affairs despite her loyal husband.  The author knows that ‘bad’ behavior is possible in all people, so there is no discrimination against men. There are other men in the story that are gentle and decent.  But it is women who usually suffer and are victims trapped in a violent marriage, and this is the main point of this novel. 


The story is written in a simple style that everyone can read.  It is fast paced and a good read with a lot of unexpected turns.  It caters to fiction lovers, to a female audience and to those who wish to read a story that sounds ‘real’ such as a life story. Get the book from Ingram, Baker&Taylor or from




Logged On and Tuned Out

A non-techie’s guide to parenting

A tech-savvy generation

Vicki Courtney

B&H Publishing Group,

Nashville, Tennessee

2007, ISBN: 978-0-8054-4665-4, pp.208, paperback

US $12.99

Parenting/Internet/Christian Living

Very Highly Recommended


Vicki Courtney, the founder of Virtuous Reality Ministries and , is a national acclaimed speaker and the author of several best-selling books.  Learn more about her at .


In this book Courtney tries to help parents learn new technology like IM and cell phones.  The book is divided into six short chapters which address issues such as how to cope with instant Messaging and Cell phones, social networking sites and videos.  She advises parents how to deal with new technology and monitor their kids’ internet presence.  She also gives instructions and highlights the dangers lurking in the Net. At the back of the book there is an appendix with useful addresses.


This small book is a valuable guide that caters to all parents who have not a clue about the new technology their kids are using.  It is written in a clear simple style, the language is simple and appropriate for people from all walks of life, and it accentuates the Christian lifestyle in many ways. Since the Internet and cell phones are used by most teenagers today, this little book is a small treasure for parents who know nothing about those issues.  It may be valuable in other countries apart from USA where technology is prevalent.  For example, in Greece parents start facing similar problems, though not that intense, but in the near future things will get worse.  Therefore, this guide can be promoted in Greece as well. The letter font size of the book is quite big and comfortable for the eyes, making it more attractive!


Get the book from




Drawn from Memory:  A Personal Story of Healing Through Art

Elizabeth J.Cockey

Oviation Books, P.O. Box 80107

Austin, Texas, 78758, USA

2007, ISBN: 978-0979027512, pp.164

US $13.95, paperback

Biography, Art Therapy


Very Highly Recommended


Elizabeth J.Cockey, a motivational speaker in the Baltimore area, works closely with the Alzheimer’s Foundation.  She has been creating innovative art therapy treatments to help her patients and she offers her programs to a variety of settings.  She is an Art and Psychology degree holder, and she also holds a Master’s in Art Therapy. You can visit her at


This book is an exciting account of her personal story as a mother and a therapist.  Cockey has to cope both with her son’s mental illness and her serious financial problems.  She soon becomes disheartened by her personal problems but when Gertrude, a 90-year-old patient, appears in her life, she finds a way to fight back and reclaim her life.  Cockey is an art therapist who works with people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, offering her patients the positive influences of art therapy that can bring joy and hope to them.


Apart from a good story line that involves the author’s life story through the years, the book is also an excellent read for all those interested in the issues of art therapy, old age and people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Moreover, it is educational as it indicates alternative ways of helping people in those difficult situations. The language is simple and easy to read, and it caters to all ages over 18 and to a wide range of readership. There are interesting problem situations that happen in our daily life, which link to problem solving through a positive outlook on life. It is a very interesting story, yet a unique one in its kind.

Get the book from


Healing Pathway for Hopelessness

An Effective 6-week Faith-Based Program For Youth

Renee Maimone

Hanwell Press, Mt.Laurel,NJ,, 2007,

ISBN: 0-9772234-7-7

Paperback, pp. 64.


Non fiction/Healing


Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal



Renee Maimone, author and public speaker, is an active board member for Florida Right to Life.  She has authored ‘The Bleeding Rose’, a riveting novel based on hurting women.


Healing Pathway for Hopelessness is a booklet that focuses on a program for those who need to boost their self esteem and find peace in their life.  It involves a 6-week work that can be done either at home or in classroom settings. The whole program is faith based.


The program starts with a prayer.  Then comes the first assignment.  There are more assignments as the lessons go on so the participant will have the opportunity to write his/her thoughts that will help them solve their inner problems.   There are six chapters in all, and each one of them follows the same format.  First is the Inspirational part that deals with the specific problem, then readings from the Bible and explanations, and then is the note section at the back of the book where the participants can write down their thoughts or questions. There is a lesson for every day of the week.


The topics involved in this program are of high value.  People who feel worthless and rejected may regain their self esteem and find life enjoyable and good.  Participants are urged to stop having negative thoughts and start loving themselves again.  This part reminds me of another program I read years ago and involved a phase called ‘replacement therapy’. People should learn to forgive and understand others, accept them selves as they are and follow their dream. Who would deny that all these are not important? The author tries to justify every solution to each problem by referring to the Bible. That makes necessary for the student to get a Bible in order to follow the lessons. As a Faith based program it looks practical and effective.


This program is well written and the style is simple and clear.  It caters to everyone in need, not only young people. The fact that it is based on faith may be restrictive to some people who are not Christians, but the values involved apply to all peoples, from all walks of life.  It is a useful program that needs to get the attention of those in need. 


Get the program from

Special wholesale and bulk orders can be obtained from


In the Course of a Dream


Ruben Bailey

2007, paperback, pp.232, ISBN: 978-0-6151-5178-6

US $ 23.50


Highly Recommended


Ruben Bailey, a holder of a Master of Science in Information Systems from Strayer University and a Ph.D. in Metaphysics candidate, has been interested in dreams since 1995. This is his first non-fiction book.  More details at


In the Course of a Dream, EMANUEL FOR LOVE, is a personal account of dreams and their interpretation in relation to Christian religion and love. The author’s near-to-death experience resulted in the writing of this book which refers to Revelation quotes and aims at making mankind better.  The message to humanity is that dreams have the power to transform people and offer them the true enlightenment.


Ruben says about religion:  ‘Religion is like the shell that protects the embryo.  It serves its purpose, but once you have come of age there is no need to carry the shell around with you, for you will find the Word written in your heart.’


He says about dreams:  ‘Dreams hold Universal truths.  They are multi-dimensional and are perfectly formed with divine precision.’


The reason he wrote this book:

‘It is with an immense love for humanity and a true desire of my heart to see you achieve oneness that I deliver this message of hope and good wishes for a brighter and peaceful future.’


This book caters to people from all walks of life, those interested in metaphysical phenomena and those who love spiritual books.  It is written in a simple and clear style, and it is not a scientific book. At times it is moving, as it refers to the author’s biographical incidents, while other times it is positive, thus helping people find their ‘good’ self.


Get the book from the author’s site at


Reviewed by Liana Metal


The Disposable Male

Sex, love, and Money

Your World through Darwin’s Eyes

Michael Gilbert

The Hunter Press, 4060 Peachtree Road, Suite 192, Atlanta, GA 30319,

2007, ISBN: 9780977655236, pp.307, paperback, US $14.95

Relationships/Current Events

Very Highly Recommended



Michael Gilbert, a senior fellow at the Annenberg Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California, is an expert in the fields of psychology and sociology, with a degree from Harvard University.  Visit his site to learn more about him and his work at


This book takes readers back to the Big bang and gives an account of the creation story in a scientific way, while the next sections describe the evolution of the humanity and analyze specific features of the humans that are explained by recent findings.  More specifically, this book tries to answer to a number of questions such as the following:


Why did primitive men start walking erect on two feet?

When do women show more interest in sexual intimacy?


The author justifies his answers by using evidence found in the natural and social sciences.  The powerful instinct of mother love that is included in this book is an issue of great interest for everybody, as well as the language evolution on page 41.  The references to Lucy, the hominid found in Ethiopia, is another issue that is thought-provoking.


The Disposable Male is highly educational.  The facts about the evolution of life on earth should be made known to everyone.  The language is complex, academic with an abundance of adjectives and ample use of metaphors that result in the creation of vivid images.  It is exciting to read and learn all about our history, our sex differences and relationships.  The issue of love is exceptionally interesting; it opens a new way of thinking about the two sexes. We take a lot of things for granted in our life, but after reading this book one will start viewing the facts of life in a different way. It is like getting to know one’s family tree. It is an interesting travel into the past, and our acquaintance with our ancestors, like Lucy, shows our real identity in this world. It is a unique book that caters to all.  However, as the style is academic, it is targeted mainly to an educated audience.


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Reviewed by Liana Metal


Cooking Lessons
Nina Romano
Rock Press, Inc.,
4611 South University Drive #450, Davie, FL 33328 USA
2007, ISBN: 978-09676748-7-2
pp.101, paperback, US $12.95

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Nina Romano, an adjunct professor of English at St.Thomas University, holds a B.S., M.A., and B.A., and earned an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Florida International University in 2001.

Cooking Lessons is a poetry collection that involves family, food and culture. The book features the authors experiences of food and family, and depicts her feelings during her travels both outside USA and at home. It is emotional and exciting, yet delicious and flavored with Mediterranean spices. Feelings of love and loneliness, and vivid images of family and kitchen scenes are almost everywhere. It is a uniquely appetizing collection of poems that inspires readers and shows how food affects our lives and feeds both our body and mind.

The poems are written in free verse, that is, Nina uses none of the established metrical patterns. In this way, the author succeeds in giving readers vivid detail for our imagination to work with. For example, Roasted Peppers, is a cooking lesson for peppers, yet evokes thoughts about life and death, family persons and cultural events; all in one. It is a very emotional piece of art that will satisfy the inner needs of the readers for culture related with food. Therefore, it caters to everybody who wants a good read of food-related cultural pieces.

Cooking Lessons is a cultural piece of art in itself, not a cookbook, but it can serve both purposes at the same time. The impulse and emotion behind each poem lead the reader to a journey of discovery.

Prose lovers can read these poems too, as the free-verse is appealing to a wider audience. Rich vocabulary selection and rich images comprise each poem that will speak to the readers hearts and inspire them to add flavor to their own life just as the author does.

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Katherine Tapley-Milton

Booksurge Publishing, ,

2006, ISBN: 978-1419640230

Paperback, 148 pp., USA $12.99


Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal



Katherine Tapley-Milton lives in Sackville, New Brunswick. She graduated from Mount Allison University with a B.A. in the areas of psychology, sociology, and history and then got a two year Master of Theological Studies degree from Tyndale Seminary in Willowdale, Ontario in 1981. She has been a freelance writer for the last 25 years and has been published in over 70 periodicals. Katherine is a member of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s National Consumer Advisory Council


A MIND FULL OF SCORPIONS is the personal story of Kathy who has been suffering from mental illness for almost 50 years. As the author says:

You may find that some of the scenes depicted in this book are disturbing, but I have tried to tell it like it is because I feel that society shouldn't continue to stick its head in the sand when it comes to mental illness.  Come with me as I take you through my inner space odyssey as I show you my struggle with schizoaffective disorder.”


The story starts with the author’s childhood years and her early experiences of mental illness that consequently lead to her social isolation.  It is a moving story that will touch the hearts of a wide audience and help dispel the prejudice, that still prevails in small communities, against mentally ill people.


Kathy is a survivor that has the courage to tell her own story to the public so as other people can learn how to live better.  At the back of her book the readers can find helpful information and read some of her articles that have been published in the media. This book caters to adults who wish to be educated on the issue of mental illness, which many times is regarded as a taboo.  Kathy tries to cross the borders and get her message across to all the people:


“I hope that in reading my book you have a better understanding of those of us who live in the shadow lands of serious emotional illness. Let’s stop the barbarism and treat mental health consumer/survivors as descent human beings. “


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