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What is Your Self-worth?
A womans guide to validation
Cheryl Saban, Ph.D.
Hay House, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4019-2395-2, 2009, hardcover, pp.225
US $ 24.95
Non fiction/self-help/womens issues

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Dr. Cheryl Saban, a Ph.D. holder in psychology, is a writer and social commentator. She is involved in charitable endeavors, one of which is
Learn more about her and her work at

What is Your Self-worth? Is a useful guide that encourages women to break free from cultural pressure and enjoy their life. The book focuses on all the important issues that affect a womans life, and offers step by step guidance and solutions. It is in the form of a practical workbook that includes both theory and practice. The questionnaire included in each chapter facilitates the process of learning, while the style is simple enough to follow. Written in a highly professional way, it is enhanced with quotes from women around the globe.

The foreword of this book is exceptionally interesting. I enjoyed reading Jehan Sadat s and Shimon Peres s statements about women. Reading this book a woman can t help considering her own validation issues and may discover that she is not as free as she had thought. Pressure comes not only from the family but from cultural taboos and religions that place a lot of restrictions to a womans life. It is oppressive to think that in our fast changing world many women all over the world still live in the past suffering degradation in every aspect of their life. This book offers advice on how a woman can gain self-esteem despite societal restrictions. It teaches womens rights and it is a precious guidebook for every woman on earth. Get from

Life Cycles
Neil Killion
Author House, 500 Avebury Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 2BE,, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-4343-6603-0
Paperback, pp. 208, US $ 18.48
Non fiction/New Age/self-help

Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Neil Killion, a psychology degree holder, has had a career in a commercial environment. Visit him at
to learn more about his recent work.

Life Cycles is a highly original book that is both entertaining and informative. It is based on the new theory of Cycles that govern a human life. According to the author, in every journey of 12 years we reincarnate and the 12-year-cycles repeat. As Neil explains, these cycles govern our life and affect the way we see the future. The author urges readers to have a try themselves by creating a life chart and mark the most important events in their life cycles.

The book is written in a simple and easy way to read and it is quite gripping, since it excites the readers curiosity to learn more about this new method of foreseeing the future. It is certainly a new way to read biographical material, and the examples the author displays about famous peoples lives are quite interesting. The author quotes Aristotle and Alexander the Great thus adding more impact to his research. This book can be read as a new version of astrology, and it caters to everyone who is interested in analyzing his own bio and search for clues that will reveal his future. An entertaining read for those interested in this field!

Get this book from and

Forever Lily
An Unexpected Mother’s Journey to Adoption in China
Beth Nonte Russell
Simon & Schuster, Touchstone, Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
ISBN: 978-0-7432-9297-9, 2008, paperback, p. 226, US $14.00

Non fiction/memoir

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Beth Nonte Russell, a masters degree holder in psychology, lives with her husband and two daughters outside Washington, D.C. Learn more about her at

Forever Lily is a memoir that makes a difference. The authors aim is to share her experience with the readers, let them know her inner feelings and follow her transformation that occurred during her trip to China. In this interesting account, Beth travels to China to assist her friend, Alex, adopt a baby girl. However, Beth faces a long-desired challenge when Alex changes her mind about the adoption. This is a story of love, spiritual quest and transformation that will touch the reader from the very beginning.

The story also involves Josephine, a spiritual advisor who helps the author utilize her inner power in difficult times. It is a moving story that will touch a womans heart and can be read in just one sitting. Written in the first person and in what we call the historical present this story enables the reader have direct contact with the main character and feel her agony and triumphs throughout the plot. The author includes parts of her dreams in every chapter showing the readers the impact they have on her life. The story addresses women issues that show the difference between the eastern and the western culture. Women in the east are degraded and are regarded as nothing.

The story is also a spiritual journey towards love, and includes aspects of the Chinese culture, thus it is educational. It is a great story to read, entertaining and positive. It encourages adoption despite the drawbacks the author encountered. Get this book from

You Can Make It Happen
Juna Jinsei Ph.D.
Outskirts Press,
2008, ISBN: 978-1-4327-2629-4
Paperback, pp.440, US $ 25.95
Non fiction/inspirational/philosophy/religion/self help

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal
Juna Jinsei, a Pastoral Counseling Psychologist, shares her personal spiritual journey with you to help you discover happiness. Learn more about her at

YES, You Can Make It Happen is a masterpiece that combines skillfully world religions and numerous cultural aspects with the personal spiritual experiences of the author. It is undoubtedly a book that will satisfy the reader with an inquisitive mind. The book starts with an educational section about the mans origin and keeps the interest intact to chapter five, where there is ample reference to the Greek philosophers and mythology-a part that I found highly interesting as well. The author then mentions the land of Lemuria and Atlantis and offers readers a detailed and exciting description of those places, thus stimulating the imagination and desire to learn more about ancient cultures and people.

Religion issues are extensively explained in chapter eight, and as facts are historically based, this book comprises a detailed research into the main world religions such as Christianity and Islam. Interesting theories supported by sufficient references will lure the reader and make him travel back to the ancient world, at the very start of each religion.

There is rich bibliography and numerous sources at the back of the book. It is a book that educates and entertains at the same time. The authors aim is to wake people up to enable them change the way they think about religion since there is a unity in all religions (p.102). She even offers advice on how to improve oneself, such as dietary and relaxation tips, as well as tips to make you happy. In Part 2 the author talks about healing, the eastern and the western astrology and the auras. In the healing arts section she mentions all the healing techniques available today, such as crystal therapy, reiki and aromatherapy. The Astral travel experiences of the author that follow, are very exciting to read.

This book addresses the open minded reader with an inquisitive mind. It is a useful and valuable work that will satisfy the difficult reader who searches for a universal truth. It is a great gift to philosophy, history and social sciences reader and to those interested in astrology. Get the book from and Barnes and Noble.
Who Lied and Said We Left The Garden of Eden?
Memoirs of a Homeless Man
Daniel Ray Martin
Outskirts Press,
2008, ISBN: 978-1-4327-2939-4, paperback, pp.129,
US $ 12.95
Non Fiction/Memoirs

Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Daniel Ray Martin, a previously homeless man, he is now a dedicated father and husband and successful businessman. Learn more about him at

Who Lied and Said We Left The Garden of Eden? is an account of the authors life as a homeless person in the streets of Texas and California. The author has had a hard family life as a kid and a teenager, and became a drug addict from early age. Finding no love in his family but only fear from his strict Christian upbringing, he ends up homeless in the streets.

It is an interesting story to read and it is also thought provoking. Martins story has not got only a bad side. He talks about the persons who helped him and the bright side of his life. He never lost courage and he eventually regained his life by creating a loving family. His story can inspire other homeless people fight back the odds and reclaim their life. It shows how a lost man can have a second chance in life regardless social taboos, culture and religion.

His views on religion are significant; he mentions that all human beings come from the same intelligent source and religions are only linked to political issues. Martin is a wide minded person and his book is simple to read and entertaining as well. This inspirational story caters to those who are curious to learn about life in the streets and how can a person undergo a big change. It is certainly interesting to read from a social point of view as it transmits a positive message: people can change their life if they persist. Get it from

A Firm Place To Stand
Finding Meaning InA Life With Bipolar Disorder
Marja Bergen
Word Alive Press, 131 Cordite Road, Winnipeg, MB R3W 1S1,
2008, ISBN: 978-1-897373-45-3, paperback, pp.222, US $19.99
Non Fiction/inspirational
Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Marja Bergen has lived with bipolar disease for over forty years and since 1999 she has been helping people who suffer from mood disorders with her first book, Riding the Roller Coaster (Northstone). Marja is also a photographer and lives with her husband and son in Vancouver. Read more about her at

A Firm Place To Stand is an extremely helpful book for those in need. It is a wonderfully written account of the authors encounter with bipolar disorder thus inspiring and educating those who have the same problem as well those who want to understand the sufferers. Suffering from bipolar disease is a difficult problem but it can be faced and dealt with. The author describes her daily life with all the obstacles she faces and has to deal with. But most of all, it is positive and inspirational.

Marja talks about the stigma people usually apply to the sufferers thus making them feel inferior and depressed. The author urges sufferers to learn about their disorder and fight back, and eventually live a fulfilling life.

It is an excellent book in its own field and it is certainly worth reading. It caters not only to other sufferers but also to everyone who would like to learn about this disease and the way bipolar disease sufferers feel. This book can appeal to a wider audience; there are people out there who are curious to know about how mentally ill people feel; there are doctors who would like to do research; there are the relatives of the sufferers who would like to get educated and help. Written in a simple way, in the first person, it is direct to the reader. Get this book from

Operation Blue Light

My Secret Life Among Psychic Spies

Philip Chabot

With Laurie Anne Blanchard

Cherubim Publishing, P.O.Box 13313, Sacramento, CA 95813-3313,

2008, ISBN: 978-0-9816024-0-0, hardcover, pp. 304, US $ 26.95


Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal

Philip Chabot is a journalist specializing in the paranormal and the psychology of psychics. Read more about him at

Operation Blue Light is a true story divided into 12 chapters. It is the story of a man who has got special psychic abilities and who is exploited by spy agencies. Chabots memoir has got quality and includes intriguing facts that will appeal to all adult readers. The author uncovers the secret activities of US Government and CIA officials and his involvement with mental technologies. Chabot has been a psychic spy for a long time, so he now reveals his secrets to the public hoping that this story will be of value to those of psychic abilities as well as those who have friends or relatives who have not understood them.

Written in the first person, this story is lively and highly interesting to read; it actually resembles a spy film as it involves suspense, mystery and a lot of action. The dialogue is vivid and the characters well crafted. It is a gripping story that can be read in one sitting. It is both entertaining and enlightening as regards the secret agents field. It caters to all those who love action and spy stories and those who like stories about people with psychic abilities. It is an exciting book that I certainly recommend to all curious readers.

Get it from and

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