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The Nine Lives of Clemenza
Holly Christine
2009, ISBN: 978-0-557-05620-0
Paperback, pp. 175, US $ 10.33

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Holly Christine has studied English and Philosophy and lives with her family in Pennsylvania. The Nine Lives of Clemenza is her second novel. Learn more about her at

The Nine Lives of Clemenza is an unusual novel about God and the Universe. I loved the descriptions of cosmos throughout the story. It is written in the third person in simple language, so it is easy to read by any age, from teenagers to adults. It is highly entertaining and interesting, and educational too. In her stories the author highlights the importance of love, compassion and selflessness; she teaches people to transform into better human beings, to help others and try to become less selfish. A useful read by all means!

I greatly enjoyed the moving and, at times, humorous stories of The Nine Lives of Clemenza. They are absolutely gripping-I read it all in one sitting. All the stories included are exciting, fast paced and all the scenes described in each story are vividly depicted and read as real.

In this book, realistic characters that represent all the main elements of the world on earth form a unity that will help readers understand the authors aim and the message she intends to give them. This message is repeated in the last chapter of the book.

This novel teaches valuable lessons about life. To sum up, it is an unusual entertaining and educational read. Get t from

Bubba and Giganto
Odds Against Us
Lea Schizas
4RV Publishing, PO Box 6482, Edmond, OK 73083-6482,

2008, ISBN: 978-0-9797513-6-3
Paperback, pp.68, US 10.99

Childrens fiction/bullying

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Lea Schizas, a multi published award winning author and editor, is a mother of five living in Montreal. Visit her at

Bubba and Giganto is the story of Bubba, a newcomer in a school, who befriends a huge boy called David (Giganto) and together they are a good team. They soon have to confront the bullies of the school; what will happen? Is Bubba going to surrender?

The story is told in the first person in a diary like style, so it is direct and vivid, thus attracting the readers attention immediately. The language is fresh and casual and the descriptions skillfully brisk and alive. The author uses an original humorous way to describe things happening to Bubba so the story is highly enjoyable to read.

This story is also exceptionally moving at times while highlighting the benefits of true friendship. The issue of bullying the author focuses on in this book is a common problem prevalent in most schools nowadays and should be dealt somehow by both parents and teachers. Therefore, this book should be read by families and educators as it might help them understand kids better. Lea tries to analyze the characters inner feelings by offering readers a close look into their behavior. This is an interesting read that caters to all the family. Get this book from

Dirkle Smat and the Viking Shield
Lynn D. Garthwaite
Castle Keep Press, an imprint of James A.Rock& Co., Publishers,
ISBN: 978-1-59663-650-7, 2008, paperback, pp. 44, US $ 9.95

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Dirkle Smat and the Viking Shield is a wonderful chapter book (eight chapters) about a gang of young kids who have an exciting adventure. Dirkle and brother Quid Smat along with their friends, discover a Viking shield. The whole story spins around their efforts to locate and dig out the shield. For this difficult task they need to use a new invention, a special submarine.

The author offers readers a lively story enhanced by a skillful description of characters and places. Characters sound quite truthful and real and the plot unfolds gradually to the last chapter, when the discovery takes place.

The beautiful illustrations created by Craig Howarth are in black and white and greatly enhance the storyline. At the end of the book readers can find extra pages that will enable them to form their own explores club. It is a carefully designed storybook aimed at readers 5-10 who love mystery, adventure and science. The story has cultural value and it is highly recommended for school age kids. Get it from
The Bouncing Boy
Create Space,
2008, ISBN: 9781440460883, paperback, pp.26
US $7.98

Fiction/children s

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

ILIAaka Leigh-Ann Lemire, is the author of the modern day fairy tales: A Christmas Fairy Tale, Ti Ana and The Giant. She has also written poetry and is a co-author of the Cat Chat Book. Visit her at

The Bouncing Boy is the heartbreaking story about a boy that is lonely and loveless. This story focuses on the unprivileged people who feel that way. The author explores the inner self of a person who becomes an outcast because of the people s attitude towards him. The residents of his small community ridicule him just because he is different. The author manages skillfully to touch the readers heart with this sensitive issue.

The story of the Bouncing Boy, though sad and desperate at first, turns out to be a story of triumph and forgiveness. The author depicts artfully the moral psychology of a narrow-minded community all too well. Their behavior could be common nowadays, thus this story applies to everyone, let alone school bullies. Human beings can become quite cruel and merciless at times and that is the fact the author highlights in this book. There is also a solution to the problem: showing compassion and kindness is the key to happiness.

The Bouncing Boy is undoubtedly a story that deserves the readers attention. It caters to everyone in the family, not just the young ones. Get this book from
Too Tall Alice
Barbara Worton
Great Little Books, LLC, PMB#139, 233 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ 07452,

ISBN: 978-0-9790661-1-5, 2009, Hardback, pp. 32, illustrated, US $ 15.95

Childrens fiction

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Barbara Worton published her first book in 2007 and lives with her husband in New Jersey. The illustrator of this book, Dom Rodi, studied graphic design in the UK and lives in Florida.

Too Tall Alice is a highly original book for kids. The underlying theme is self esteem and the author skillfully highlights this issue through the story of Alice, a too tall girl who feels unhappy about her height. But things do change! Being tall is not a drawback for Alice, not any more! What made her realize that her life is beautiful? How did Alice become optimistic about her future? Read the story to find out; it is full of surprises.

Too Tall Alice is an entertaining book that it is also educational. It caters not only to kids 7-10 years old, but to educators and parents as well, who should understand certain problems kids usually face. The story is funny, yet gripping and makes the reader turn the pages to the very last. The illustrations are superb-lovable sketches and bold colors throughout the book that make the story more appealing. It is certainly a book that hooks the reader, and a great gift for everyone, not just the very tall girls! Get this book from

Baron Thinks Dogs are People Too!
Laurie Dean
Big Tent Books,
2008, ISBN: 978-1-60131-035-4, hardcover, pp. 24, US $14

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Laurie Dean, a relaxation expert, makes her debut in children writing with this wonderful book for kids. Visit her at

The story is about a dog that feels lonely and wants to have a best friend. But he must learn how to behave first, so they take him to a dog school.

This little story is wonderfully illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier who manages to add an artistic look to Barons character. Illustrations are very important in a kids book, as much as the storyline is, since the illustrator brings to life the authors ideas. The author of this book uses a very simple, yet effective, storyline that makes readers turn the pages to find out what happens at the end of the story. This is an entertaining book for very young kids who will certainly enjoy it! Get it from

Ralphina, the Roly-Poly
Claudia Chandler
Leather Publishing, 4500 College Boulevard, Overland Park, Kansas 66211,, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-58597-462-7, hardback, pp.32,
US $ 21.95

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Claudia Chandler is an author and illustrator who holds a masters degree in elementary education. She is also a photographer of nature and a passionate gardener living in Kansas. Learn more about her at her wonderful site at

Ralphina, the Roly-Poly, is a marvelous book for kids. It is about the story of a tiny insect, Ralphina, who needs a friend to play with. Eventually, she finds a human friend, despite the drawback of her size that makes her unnoticeable, and feels happy.

It is a great story highlighting friendship and educational facts about roly-polies, the tiny insects we hardly notice in nature. The author has created beautiful colorful illustrations that stimulate imagination and carry readers to the magic world of nature and fiction. It is an entertaining book for kids, but parents and teachers will love it too! Get it from, amazon and other online stores, as well as from the authors site at

The Ark, the Reed and the Fire Cloud
Jenny L.Cote
Living Ink Books, Tennessee, ISBN: 978-0-89957-198-0
Paperback, pp. 450, US $ 14.99
Juvenile fiction/fantasy

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Jenny L.Cote has a passion for God, History and young people. She lives in Roswell, Georgia, where she writes full time. Visit her at

The Ark, the Reed and the Fire Cloud is an enjoyable story about Noahs Ark. Actually, the innovative aspect is that this story is retold from a unique perspective; via the adventures of a dog, Max, who is called by the Voice to follow the red cloud and fulfill his own destiny. What is going to happen to him on the way to the Ark? Max feels lonely but soon he comes across a lot of new friends that he will protect during their long journey to the other side of the earth.

The author manages to retell this old Bible story from a fresh point of view. The language is simple for all children to follow and the cover is very attractive. In this book the kids meet all kinds of animals from all parts of the world, and it is humorous at times, sad or exciting to read about all the details Jenny provides her young readers with. This book caters to young readers, age 8-12, but it is also suitable for everyone in the family as it is entertaining and educational. It is a good read for schools and reading groups as it provides input to talk about and encourages readers to see old biblical stories in a new light. Get this book from

The Adventures of Songha

The Adventures of Songha
The Amazing Savannah Cat
Linda R.Caterine
Author House,
2008, ISBN: 978-1-4343-8361-7
Paperback, pp. 70, US $ 9.95
Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Linda R.Caterine, a mother of four, loves cats. Her own cat inspired her to write this story.

The Adventures of Songha, The Amazing Savannah Cat is a wonderful story of a Savannah cat called Songha. The story is written in the first person, in a diary-like style, that makes readers of all ages have direct contact with the cat and her life. There are eight chapters in this book and each chapter ends with a poem.

There are beautiful black and white illustrations throughout the book. The cover image is quite attractive as well as the overall presence of the book.

This book is enjoyable to read, it is educational and readers can learn a lot about the Savannah cat. Get this book from

Queen Vernitas Visitors
Dawn Menge
Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker RD-515, Parker CO 80134,, 2008,
ISBN: 978-1-59800-714-5, color paperback, pp. 36, US $ 12.95


Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Dawn Menge, a Masters Degree holder in Special Education, makes her debut with this beautiful story for kids. More information at

Queen Vernitas Visitors is a fun book for kids to leran the 12 months, the days of the week and the seasons. Queen Vernita feels lonely so she invites her 12 friends, one each month of the year to keep her company. They share together all the activities one can imagine. This is a beautiful book that stimulates imagination and lifts the spirits. Beautifully illustrated, it is a wonderful gift for all seasons! Get it from
The Little Candy Breathing Dragons
Gloria Clark
Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker RD-515, Parker CO 80134,, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-4327-1510-6, Color paperback, pp. 36,
US $ 12.95

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Gloria Clark, a retired bookkeeper from Buffalo, New York, dedicates this book and all her future books to her late son Darian L.Clark. Read more about her book at

The Little Candy Breathing Dragons is a kids story written in free verse. The two little dragons, who are not at all like the ordinary dragons we have known so far as these two emit candy smells that please, have various adventures; they meet a blind cat, they help a deer and finally head for home as they had been lost.

A quite original storyline that is entertaining and educational at the same time. The cute characters in this amusing adventure include animals in need. The message the author conveys through her Dragon story is to help those in need. An inspiring rhyming tale that encourages young children to be kind and helpful to others. Get this book from

The Dragonfly Secret: A Story of Boundless Love
Clea Adams and John Adams
Feather Rock Books, Inc., 4245 Chippewa Lane, Maple Plain, MN 55359,, 2008,
ISBN: 978-1-934066-13-3, hardcover, pp. 32, US $16.95
Juvenile Fiction/Spiritual/Death

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Clea and John Adams co-founded Feather Rock Books in 2005 with the goal of publishing inspiring stories. Visit them at

The Dragonfly Secret: A Story of Boundless Love is a wonderful book fully illustrated that is about life and death. The story, as it is unfolding, it is quite exciting and motivates the reader to turn the pages to discover the secret that the little boy, who is the main character in this story, is going to reveal to a dragonfly. What is his precious secret?

It is a wonderful story well crafted and beautifully illustrated, and as a result this book as a whole is very attractive. It can be used as a companion to the first story the authors have published, The Dragonfly Door, but it can be read on its own as well. The illustrator, Barbara Gibson, is an excellent artist and her contribution to this story should be highly appreciated as it is a childrens book. The topic of the story may be more appropriate for older children, over 10 I would say, but this book addresses a wider audience than that of a common kids book as it is suitable for adults too. The message the authors give out is that love is not lost after death but it is always there in our memories of our beloved ones. Get this book from and all major online booksellers.

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