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Lia Metal
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Falling Bakward
Henry Melton
Wire Rim Books,
118 Spring Valley St., Hutto TX 78634
2009, ISBN: 978-0-9802253-6-5
Paperback, pp.304
US $ 11.66
Science Fiction/adventure/mystery/

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Henry Melton has once again released a great adventure /mystery science fiction novel that will entice his readers worldwide. Learn more about the author’s books at

Falling Bakward (no, there is no spelling mistake!) is about the adventures of a boy, Jerry, who is digging at a certain spot in the family sunflower fields to find Indian artifacts. But he discovers some mystery skeletons instead, and then a flying saucer. Trying to search the alien shuttle he gets trapped in that and right then his adventures begin as he travels to the world of the Bak who are probably his own ancestors. What will happen to him? What is the relationship between his parents and those aliens? Jerry has to find out that and a lot more to satisfy his curiosity.

This novel is as exciting as all the previous mysteries Henry has created and I could also say that this one is even more fast-paced and tightly written. Once the reader starts it they will not put it down. The plot is compelling from the first chapter to the last. The language is as always vivid and appropriate for young readers helping the characters look real and act like real people. This demands a great skill but the author knows very well how to combine reality with unreal situations in order to evoke this effect.

Science fiction mysteries have always been exciting not only for young people but for older ones too, so this book could easily target a wider audience. The way Henry describes scenes is unique; he does not use long adjective-crammed descriptions but plain dialogue, which is more effective and direct.

This is a highly enjoyable novel that will not only entertain readers but educate them as well as regards the cultural aspects the author mentions in the story. It is a great read for everyone in the family. Get it from the author, the Amazon and other online stores.

The Acronym
White Nights of St. Petersburg
Rebecca Lerwill
Langdon Street Press, 212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 570, Minneapolis MN 55401
2009, ISBN: 978-1-934938-40-9
Paperback, pp. 360, US $ 14.95

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Rebecca Lerwill, the author of her first wonderful title, Relocating Mia, now presents her second novel which is a sequel to the adventures of the main character in her first novel, Mia Trentino. Rebecca offers readers an exciting second story that will again entice the audience as much as her first one. Learn more about her at

Mia Trentino, who is in love with Douglas, a secret agent, is now involved in a new adventure trying to act as a court witness to the villains that she had met in her first adventure. This time her mission takes place in St.Petersburg, where a US security team try to protect her. Will they succeed? What will happen to her?

The readers will turn the pages of this novel avidly and feel the thrill of the plot to the very end. Gripping and interesting, this story offers entertainment and lots of cultural aspects at the same time. The last chapters are moving and unexpected, yet filled with romance that should not be missing from the story. A satisfying end and certainly a great read for everyone who loves romance and mystery. Get this book from

Little Stories
Jeff Roberts
Outskirts Press,, 2008,
ISBN: 978-1-4327-2701-7, hardback, pp. 101, US $ 21.95
Fiction/short stories

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Jeff Roberts, a B.A. in Liberal Studies holder, has been recently nominated for a William Rockhill Nelson Award. He lives with his family in Missouri. Learn more about his work at

Little Stories is a collection of short stories that lure the mind into a dream space of relationships and turbulent feelings. The author uses vivid scenes, live images and real strong characters and situations. His stories are detailed and well crafted, and his writing style is highly emotional and sensitive. Jeff tries to capture moments in real life, just like a photographer does. He depicts the raw reality using detailed descriptions, complex sentences and live dialogue. He talks about relationships, love, death, betrayal, misery, desperation and loneliness, all the emotions a man can feel. The readers will sympathize with him and feel the emotional ups and downs his stories convey.

This book is enjoyable to read and feel; Jeffs stories stimulate imagination and leave the reader think about the future. It is a great book for the thinking reader. Get this book from

For the Love of St.Nick

For The Love of St. Nick
Garasamo Maccagnone
2008, ISBN: 9781439210123
Paperback, pp. 48, US $ 8.99

Highly Recommended
Reviewed By Liana Metal

Garasamo Maccagnone resides in Michigan with his family. Read more about him at

For The Love of St. Nick is a Christmas book that celebrates miracles. It is a sensitively written story about two orphaned boys who relocate with their Dad, a navy Commander, and have to cope with illness and solitude. The end of the story is positive and shows the faith of the author in religion and his fondness of family ties.

The author combines an interesting story with the feelings of two young boys and highlights the importance of family bonds and faith in God. It is written in the first person so it is direct and vivid. The style is simple and clear, thus it caters to anyone who loves reading about miracles at Christmas. It is a story for all the family. This book is a wonderful gift for Christmas. Get it from

Escape from Oblivion
Toby Smith
ISBN: 978-1-4196-9665-7, 2008, paperback, pp. 238
US $ 16.99

Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Toby Smith, a holistic medicine practitioner, makes her debut into the literary world through this wonderful novel. Learn more about her at

Escape from Oblivion is a story about a young woman who is haunted by horrific nightmares. The story starts with Carries childhood years and the nightmares she experiences that keep recurring even during her college life. Carrie tries hard to confront the Nightmare, ease her irrational fear and get rid of it. Will she succeed? What will happen to her and what is the cause of her Nightmare??

Each chapter starts with some song lyrics that act as a heading to the chapter and help to bring the plot forward. Carrie suffers from manic depression and her relationships suffer. Her latest relationship with Brent seemed to have had a curing effect on her but Carrie wouldnt solve her problem unless she was willing to confront an incident of her past. That haunting experience has been haunting her childhood years and her following years as well, but now Carrie has finally found salvation.

The story is exciting to read and highly emotional and inspiring. The main character manages to free herself from her Nightmare and conquer her fears. The dialogue and images are vivid and strong. It is a well written novel that will absorb the reader to keep reading till he reaches the end of the story. It is an enjoyable read for those who love topics about dreams, women issues, suspense and inspirational genres. Get it from

Lighter Than Air
Henry Melton
Wire Rim Books,
Hutto, Texas, ISBN: 978-0-9802253-1-0
2008, paperback, pp.298, US $14.95
Science Fiction

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Henry Melton is certainly a prolific writer. Once more, with his latest novel, he managed to make a difference. Henry resides in Texas and you can visit him online at or at his blog at

The story starts with an exciting first chapter that sparks the interest of the reader to go on. The hero, Jon Kish, is a brilliant teenager who gets involved in a scientific experiment and then tries to use the lighter- than- air foam he has produced to construct a flying saucer. But there are many barriers to overcome, such as his sister, Cherry, and his mum who is ill. What is going to happen to his family?

Lighter Than Air is a good read for the whole family that teenagers will love from start to finish! Ample scientific facts are scattered throughout the story, thus enriching the plot and feeding the mind. It is entertaining and exciting to read, one of Henrys best science fiction stories. There is adventure, mystery and fast pace as in all Henrys novels. I am looking forward to his new novel to read. Get this book from all major bookstores and

Courage of Fear
Barbara Boyer
Ocean Moon Publishing,
2008, ISBN: 978-0-6152-0363-8, paperback, pp.180, US $ 16.95


Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Barbara Boyer presents her debut novel. She lives in San Diego. Visit her at

The story is about Angela, a well-off wife who suddenly finds herself in a hazardous situation, due to her husband. Angela, a real down-to-earth heroine, retrieves to her home island where she learns to live again.

This is a wonderful story full of suspense and emotional ups and downs, strong characters, vivid dialogue, romance and an exciting plot that motivates readers to turn the pages to the very end. There is also tight plot and an unexpected ending; all the qualities a successful story should have.

It caters to romance and adventure lovers and to women all over the world. Readers can get inspired by Angela’s story and reclaim their life. It is an entertaining read to the very end! Get this book from

The Last Days of Krypton
Kevin J. Anderson
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022, ISBN: 978-0-06-134075-8,
2007, paperback, pp. 460, US $ 7.99

Science Fiction

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

Kevin J. Anderson, the author of the award winning Dune prequels and numerous Star Wars novels, writes comic books as well. Kevin lives in Colorado. Visit him at

We have always known that Supermans home planet, Krypton, was destroyed in the past, but how did that happen? All Supermans fans have kept wondering all these years what had happened before Superman arrived on planet Earth. The author describes diligently Krypton, its culture, heroes and villains. They were all preoccupied with their own lives thus disregarding the imminent disaster: the planet destruction.

This novel is certainly a classic, just as Superman himself, and the story involves a lot of adventure, romance and mystery. Vivid pictures pop out in every description and add more excitement to the readers who have already loved their super hero.

This book caters to all ages, to comic book lovers and adventure fans. It is the perfect gift for Sci- Fi lovers worldwide. Get it from Visit the site of DC comics at

The Other Side of The Horizon
Outskirts Press,, 2008,
ISBN: 978-1-4327-2808-3, paperback, pp.114, US $12.95

Very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Liana Metal

K.Lynch, a medical doctor for over 30 years, has devoted his spare time to the romance novel. His debut novel, The Million Dollar Therapist, and another one, The Revenge of the Rinellis, have also been published by Outskirts Press.

The Other Side of The Horizon is a fast paced story about a doctor, Dr Jack Eisner, who is claimed to have made a fatal mistake in the emergency room; as a result he is suspended from the medical staff. Then the doctor disappears and his wild adventures begin involving an arrest by the Cuban patrol. He is almost dead when he is found on his boat but he eventually returns to life and reunites with his old love, Sophia.

The story is well written and full of action scenes. The first part of the story includes a lot of medical jargon but this element reinforces the truthfulness of the incidents that happen in the hospital. Also, the medical references throughout this novel make it educational in this field without this fact to affect the flow of the events. It is gripping and can be read in one sitting.

The chapters are short but this aspect has made me enjoy it more. There is suspense and adventure the readers will love. The language is simple in most parts of the story, but as it is about a doctors work it inevitably refers to medical terminology which is adequately explained at the footnotes. It caters to a wide audience that loves adventure, suspense and romance in a medical background. It is an entertaining book with a beautiful cover. Get it from

The Dharma King

The thrilling novel of one man’s quest to save Tibet-and himself


iUniverse, 1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403,, 2008, ISBN: 978-0-595-71690-6,

hardcover, pp.190, $23.95

Fiction, adventure/inspirational

Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal

Brad G.Stroh is a successful entrepreneur and lives with his family in northern California. Read more about him and his work at

The Dharma King is an exciting novel that inspires people to search for a meaning in their life. The story is about Sam, a young American man, who travels to Tibet; and right there, his adventures begin. Sam encounters a culture that inspires him to start a personal quest and consequently save the baby Panchen Lama. Sam gets involved in the countrys problems and is motivated to help them and at the same time to help himself learn about a new spiritual world so different from the west capitalism.

Sams spiritual journey is both entertaining and interesting to read. It is a rich in plot and action story that will satisfy the most difficult reader. It caters to those seeking spirituality as well as those who are curious to learn about Tibet and its culture. It is also educational and can appeal to a wider audience. Get it from

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