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My Bookshelf / Summer Love

For maximum enjoyment of stories, please change your monitor resolution to 1024 x 768 and select sound on when viewing a story.
Your stories will upload faster if you have broad band and there may be some hesitation on panels where music has been inserted.
The FREE novellas have been developed in Flash.
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Elira feels trapped running her family's little hotel on the Greek island of Hydra. She's never traveled, never experienced love, never really lived. Then a handsome mysterious stranger checks in, and Elira can't hide her fascination. But Nicolas Soulakis is on a dangerous mission. When he is forced to elicit Elira's help, guilt gnaws at him for taking advantage of her obvious feelings for him. Never mind that those dove-gray eyes entrance him, that her shapely body drives him mad with desire. Soon that desire explodes in a fiery outpouring of need, and Nicolas knows he's lost.

Writer: Liana Metal ♥ Artist: Ronn Sutton ♥ Music: "I Wonder" by Joseph A. Sealey, Jr., Jare A. Productions.

Copyright © 2006 Arrow Publications, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Title #: 4706